My trial-Federal vs Winchester

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My trial-Federal vs Winchester

Postby sugarray » May 19th, 2009, 3:25 am

My rig = 870 express magnum pump with 21" barrel and .660 Tight Wad choke
My shell = Remington express long range, 2 3/4", #6

Federal Magnum Turkey Flight control, 3", 2 oz of #5, 93 pellets

Winchester Supreme High Velocity, 3", 1 3/4 oz of #5, 92 pellets

Shot sitting in my chair I use in the blind, with Primos shooting stick, at 40 yds as measured with Bushnell with ARC range finder

Just different load has helped achieve more pellets and more confidence.  Thanks for the advice.  When I obtain my gun, more extensive testing will be performed and will try Hevi shot.

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