tactical vs. standard stock

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tactical vs. standard stock

Postby nhtrkybstr » May 15th, 2009, 3:17 pm

Ok, ladies and gentlemen,

What type of grip/ stock do you like on your turkey gun, tactical, or standard, and why.

I shoot a mossberg 535 w/ tactical stock and pistol grip. I like this combo because I can adjust the length of my stock, and I like the pistol grip for quick target aquisition.
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RE: tactical vs. standard stock

Postby Cut N Run » May 15th, 2009, 7:30 pm

I shoot the pistol grip stock that comes standard on a Benelli SBE II.  My best hunting buddy has a tactical stock on his SBE and really likes it for turkey hunting.  I am fond of the recoil reducers in the SBE II stock and will likely stick with it...until they come out with a tactical with that feature.
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RE: tactical vs. standard stock

Postby NEbeardhunter21 » May 17th, 2009, 9:10 am

I've got a Remington 870 with the ShurShot pistol grip stock. I love it. It's alot more comfortable than a reg. stock when you have to sit and wait for long periods of time. Plus it just looks cool. lol
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RE: tactical vs. standard stock

Postby TCHunts » May 19th, 2009, 6:07 am

Hello Hunters,
     Although not necessarily a tactical stock, I have/use a Remington 870 Thumbhole turkey gun. I bought the gun in 2006. About 18 months later Remington came out with the ShurShot stock. There are several pros and cons of a thumbhole. I have listed a few of each below.
- when your hand is on/in the thumbhole, your had feels "locked into" the stock, almost a part of the gun, the thumbhole fits to the hand like a cast
- a very stable and comfortable platform
- great for still and grounded/ground level targets such as deer and turkey
- specific to one sided shooter (e.g., only for right, or left handed shooters, depending on cut of stock)
- if the stock is cut for a righty, if a shot presents itself on your opposite side, the stock is not set up to be shot from the "off-hand"
- somewhat heavy
- too limiting
     I am strongly considering, and would strongly suggest to others who are looking for a tactical stock to go with a pistol grip stock or ShurShot stock. Avoid a thumbhole stock. It is too limiting. I read other replies that mentioned tactical collapsible stocks such as that of the CAR 15 or other tactical weapons. I handled a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Tactical Turkey gun which has a collapsible tactical stock. Although a nice gun, I did not find it all that comforitable or sturdy. I can see the benefit though of an easily adjustable length of pull. Another consideration if you are a pump gun user like myself, look for a gun or stock with an extended fore end. For example the Remington ShurShot, or Benelli Supernova. I have a shorter stature and leng of reach, so having a pump handle that reaches the receiver when the action is closed is a good thing. My final verdict: although some things can go from tactical to practical, some things belong on the battlefield, and others belong in the hunting field. To conclude, I suggest looking for something like the Benelli Steadygrip, the Remington ShurShot, or the Speedfeed III (3) pistol grip stock.
        Happy Hunting.

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RE: tactical vs. standard stock

Postby Everyday Hunter » May 19th, 2009, 3:34 pm

Welcome to the forum TCH.

I have the Remington ShurShot on my 870, and I love it. It's really a modified thumbhole, or a hybrid between a thumbhole and a pistol grip stock. For one thing, it's ambidextrous. But the big benefit is that my wrist stays much straighter than it would on a conventional curved pistol grip, which makes the gun hold steady, and helps tame recoil.

When I first saw the stock, I didn't like it from an aesthetic standpoint. But when I put it up to my shoulder I immediately decided I had to have one. I used to shoot a Mossberg 835, and liked it OK, but recoil on that thing was a beast. The 870 ShurShot feels like it has much less recoil.

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RE: tactical vs. standard stock

Postby Warbird » May 21st, 2009, 8:56 am

I like both..I put a knoxx recoil suppression stock on one of my 870's and really like it. I think you lose some aiming ability without having a solid rest for the cheek but I killed some birds so no problems there. I think the cheek riser power pak for it is not needed to hunt turkeys but others may feel differently.   

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