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which 20 gauge shells are the [color="#000000"]best[/color]

[color="#0000ff"]That is a difficult question to answer as there are an infinite number of variables between: gun, choke, and shell. For example I use Fiocchi® Golden Pheasant™ ammunition for all of my upland hunting and it is fabulous. As Turkey ammunition however it absolutely stinks in my  20ga guns - Go Figure.[>:] Each of my guns favors different ammunition.

• Mossberg® Mdl 500C, pump, 26" barrel, Hastings® .570" choke (#I20570) shoots Winchester® Supreme™ 1 5/16oz #4 Lead better than any load, from any manufacturer, to include Hevi•Shot.
• Remington® (Baikal®) SPR220, 26½" barrel, Colonial Arms® choke #TSKTX, .570" shoots the cheap Remington® Nitro Turkey™ 1 5/16oz #5 Lead again better than any load, from any manufacturer, to include Hevi•Shot.

You must understand however that these loads, IN YOUR GUN, using the same exact chokes may be absolutely terrible. You don't know how a given load will perform until you test it.

HTL (heavier than lead) loads are nice, but again, ONLY IF THEY PATTERN WELL IN YOUR GUN.

For me personally I'll stick w/Pb as these two patterns show it's performance in my guns: [/color]

Patterns that look great at 30 can stink at 40.  The way barrels and chokes are manufactured and set up in mass marketing, a pattern starts to disintegrate after 35 yards.  The HTL shot and high-end chokes combined with barrel work done by competent shotgun gunsmiths can greatly increase the distance your pattern can reach before it begins to come apart.
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