tri-plex loads

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tri-plex loads

Postby neckringer » June 3rd, 2009, 5:34 pm

are some of the supper dooper ammo companys throwin 7.5's in their loads to get more "hits" and using this as a selling point?
Are the 7.5's just ticks on a boar hog after 30yds?

CB on the run
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RE: tri-plex loads

Postby CB on the run » June 5th, 2009, 10:10 am

It depends.  Watched my son kill his 1st turkey(fall bird) at 33 yards with a 3" 20ga Winchester XX load of 7.5's.  Somehow that shell got mixed in with a handful of 6's that I gave him.  The new Federal Heavyweight load of 7's at 15g/cc is killing turkeys past what most people think is an ethical shot.  The TSS handloads at 18g/cc is reaching out to unbelievable distances.  HTL shot keeps a killing pattern further than lead and retains more energy.  Federal states that their new HW 7's are the equivalent of lead 5's at 40 yards.  I've seen pictures of the HTL shot penetrating sheet metal at long distances.  You might want to try some.

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RE: tri-plex loads

Postby Warbird » June 5th, 2009, 7:15 pm

ORIGINAL: neckringer

are some of the supper dooper ammo companys throwin 7.5's in their loads to get more "hits" and using this as a selling point?

Are the 7.5's just ticks on a boar hog after 30yds?


And to go even further...smaller than that...try 8.5 and 9's...The trick is the "more hits" are a big hit with number counters..but... here is the kicker..they kill..don't doubt it. As CBOTR stated HTL changes the rules...Also the fed hw 15gm 7 loads are "ahead of there time" so to speak..I can't tell you how hard it is to convince someone that that 15gm 7 is as deadly as a lead #4 or #5. The pellet weight/velocity/energy on impact charts are available to compare them to lead..As far as the pixie dust loads with the 7,7.5,8,9's from The "N" company...deadly. The 7's do the work even in the 4x5x7 triplex you will find probably 20-40 4's and 5's with the rest being 650+ 7's depending on weight of load. The H-517 is a 3.5" 2-7/16 oz shell. The H-51013 is a 2-1/4 oz shell which I prefer. The H-378i is a 3" 2-1/4 oz shell. They are all different. Cut the same weight shell open and you'll get different counts from one shell to the next. 30 yds don't even touch what those shells will kill a turkey at..ex.My longest shot was on the open prairie last year over 50yds with the Pixie dust load..not a bush or rock in sight for 300 yds for me to manever any farther..I was 1695 miles from home and didn't think twice..because I knew my guns range.. Stone dead..and I mean game over fast . The other at 15 feet. Boils down to pattern some shells..test them in the will see that they arent hype. I have taken 10 birds in the last 3 years with "N" company 7's and fed 7's combined. 3 over 50 cripples. Bench time is the key. know your guns and pattern them to perfection..the right choke..sights and shell can really add to your success..Respect your quarry enough to give it your best......Then remember regardless of how well your's still turkey huntin and misses, mishaps still come. If you have any questions about which choke or shell to try feel free to ask the seasoned shooters on here..I recognize a few on here from other forums that I know have a lot of knowledge on patterns, chokes, shells, rigs. These fellas take their knowledge serious.


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