870 youth 20ga Fed HW 7 patterns

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870 youth 20ga Fed HW 7 patterns

Postby deacon » August 19th, 2009, 11:45 pm

For all the doubters and those of you who are hesitant to buy a youth gun because of the short barrel....don't hesitate. They pattern very well with the Fed HW 7's. Here are my results.
Remington 870 20ga youth with 21" BBL
Truglo SSX .550
40 yards taped
8 MPH wind
Federal 3-1.5-7 HW FC wad
147 in 10" 135 in 20" 182 total
Different day but good results none the less. 188 on the paper.
The SSX .550 is great with these loads....Don't hesitate to go with the short barrel 20ga. The Remington Superfull choke also yields 140+ hits at 40 yards and can be purchased for $10.
Can't figure the pictures out on here but here is a link to the pictures.
Good 10" circle patterns
8.5X11 paper patterns

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