youth 20 ga. ?

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youth 20 ga. ?

Postby singleshot » May 29th, 2009, 7:50 pm

i'm wanting to get a new 20 ga. for my son . thinking about a mossberg turkey youth. but i am open to other thoughts about a good shotgun. he is on the small side so 12 ga. is not an option for a few years.
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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby icdedturkes » May 29th, 2009, 11:14 pm

20 g is no disadvantage at all. I would either look at the NEF 22 inch youth single shot or the youth offerings from Rem.

Another maybe better option would be to buy a 870 express with a 26bbl as they seem to pattern better than the short barrels and buy a knoxx adjustable stock so that it grows with him.

As for chokes and loads. There is no room to scrimp with a 20. I would buy him a Pure gold in 570 which should provide 40 yd killing patterns while also providing even patterns and room for error.

As for loads the Environmetal 1 1/4 1250 6s duck loads are the best available right now and outpattern the turkey variety from EM.

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby boone52 » May 30th, 2009, 1:40 am

Singleshot----I'll agree with Icdedturkes (the previous post) and say you can't go wrong with Remington. When my son was 9, I bought him a 20 ga. 870 in the youth model with 21 inch barrel with a Kick .560 choke (this was 10 years ago) and with lead Rem. 3 inch #6's about 32 yards is all we could get out of it and have a decent pattern. This spring, I bought Hevi-13's in 20 ga to see what the little gun with do and with that short barrel, 35 yards looked to be the limit.
So my guess is a longer barrel (and maybe a more highly developed choke) would make the 20 a 40 yard gun.  I put a saddle mount on this gun (the mount sets down over the receiver) and put a Leupold 1x-4 scope on it and my son took two nice birds with it before he moved up to a 12 ga.
Back in the middle 1990's when Remington didn't make a 3 1/2 inch 870 yet, I bought a Mossberg 835 (with green camo and non-ported) and have used it every year since without a bit of trouble from it.
my advice is to stick with Remington---you have more stock/barrel/choke options and generally a better product.

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby CB on the run » May 30th, 2009, 3:24 am

I agree with much of the 2 prior posts.  A Remington can be 'tweeked'.  Mine is customized and I shoot killing patterns to 40 plus yards.  My son started with a 870 express youth and I was sad when he sold it to his 6'5" buddy who refuses to part with it even though we offered to buy it back.  My gun is an 1100 that has been customized to shoot 3" shells, now they're call 1187 but weigh a little more.  It has a trigger job, lengthened forcing cone and is ported.  The recoil is like a .410.  It's drilled and tapped for a scope/red dot which I suggest for young hunters.  The red dot can really give them confidence.  Currently I'm shooting a Remington super full .572 with the Federal Heavyweigh Flitecontrol #6's.  They patterned better for me than the EM waterfowl loads that I used to shoot  BUT  they may not for you.  The round seems fincky in a lot of guns.
I have owned many different brand guns and all have strenghts and weaknesses.  If it were me I'd be comparing the Remington and Mossberg youth models pumps.  I'd shy away from a single shot especially one with a hammer.  I'd look a what accessories can be added down the road.  The availability of turkey chokes and extra barrels  AND if the trigger can be tuned.  Good luck and happy hunting with your son.  I enjoy the time with mine.

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby Warbird » May 30th, 2009, 9:34 am

I am a rem fan but also want to bring to attention the Charles Daly Field hunter youth 20 ga. The youth model can be bought with a 22" barrel in black, realtree hardwoods green camo as well as advantage timber. These guns are threaded for rem choke and will accept all the chokes that fit the model 870 20 gauges..I have patterned this gun with H-13 6'S and it patterns very well. Charles Daly has really improved gun quality and I now have one 12 ga and another on the way for a nephew..The pump guns are solid and feel great when handling..Just my opinion.


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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby Magnumdood » May 30th, 2009, 7:44 pm

Are you set on a pump action?

I set both my kids up with semi-automatic Remington 20 gauges; one an 1100 and the other an 11-87.  I had the forcing cones lengthened and polished and then the rest of the barrel polished for each.  I then equipped each with a Rhino choke tube and purchased Nitro Ammo's 4x5x7 Triplex load.  I also put a Bushnell Holosight on one and I just put a Burris Fast Fire II on the other.  I was son got busy with school, sports and girls about the time my daughter was old enough hunt, so I didn't have to fork out all the $$$ at once.

The semi-autos shoot easily with recoil from the 20 gauges being negligible.
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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby Bobbyparks » May 31st, 2009, 6:24 am

One of these set ups sounds like a good fit for my wife Mary. I need to have her ready for next year without breaking the bank.

She shot her first bird this past season but had trouble holding up the gun and the recoil .

What kind of money are you looking at to put the optics and gun package together?

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby CB on the run » June 2nd, 2009, 2:21 pm

  A pump is cheaper than a semi-auto.  I put a $50 red dot on mine.  I don't think Remington is offering the black synthetic 1100 that I have.  I think they changed it to a 1187 and it's a little heavier.  Mine is ported and forcing cone lenghtened but it came as a package that my gunsmith buys, modifies then sells.  Trigger work, camo finish, drilled and tapped, rifled slug barrel with a removable pin for extra accuracy, plus the turkey barrel with above modifcations and remington super full choke.  Paid $1100.  I'd go with the 26" barrel in the pump if it's just for turkeys.  My house is in a shotgun only area for deer so I bought the auto.  I use a rifle at my property.

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby deacon » August 19th, 2009, 11:48 pm

Check my HW 7 post for the capabilities of a short barrel 20ga.

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RE: youth 20 ga. ?

Postby grizzly » August 20th, 2009, 12:59 am

i have been using a batam 20 mossberg for awhile now and have to say it proven to be a good little gun. but be worned singleshot if you shoot it and find how easy it is to get into shooting postion you my want to keep it for yourself[:)] wayne

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