20 gauge Federal Flitecontrol Wad shells with #7 Shot

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RE: 20 gauge Federal Flitecontrol Wad shells with #7 Shot

Postby Warbird » September 1st, 2009, 6:59 am

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ORIGINAL: wingbone

Dear allaboutshooting:

How is the size 7 for knock down power on a turkey? Obviously you're getting a good pattern, but how much energy will the 7's have? Very curious as I never would have used that size in a 12 or 10 gauge let alone a 20 gauge.

Energy is Energy regardless of gauge it is shot out of. As long as it has the same mass, and is traveling the same speed.

As for them sevens, other than handloaded TSS, they are the heaviest pellet availiable weighing in at 15 g/cc. They have as more energy I believe than lead 4s plus the simple fact that this mass is put in a smaller package with less surface area hitting the target and thus more penetration.

Im not no rocket scientist like some of these guys that can do all these equations LOL But this is how I understand it from listening to some of these guys on other forums.

In a nutshell they will kill turkeys farther than your pattern will hold together.

icdt is speaking good common sense. The 15gram pellets are devastating. They penetrate deeper than lead 4's when tested on sheet metal and plywood also. Basically you are getting great knockdown with  many more pellets downrange depending on the weight of the load you are shooting. Make no mistake...those 15 gram pellets are nasty. I have patterned them in a 20 and 12 and am pleased. Downside....The $$ per...it's all in what you want.  


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