Seriously - what is the ONE gun?

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RE: Seriously - what is the ONE gun?

Postby Steve_In » August 27th, 2009, 3:31 pm

Have fun with it.[:)]  The gun sounds like it fits you well.  That is half the battle.
Steve, I love "smoked" turkey

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RE: Seriously - what is the ONE gun?

Postby tickbait » August 28th, 2009, 4:12 am

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I believe that Super Nova has an optional (x-tra $$$ though) mercury recoil reduction module that fits in the butt stock. Nice won't be sorry.

No, I don't think I'm going to regret the purchase at all. Got to spend about half hour putting dove load through this and felt nothing. All my turkey loads are 2 3/4 but guys, still the push was mild compared to other guns I've fired. Got all the chokes +Tru Glo turkey choke and gun bag for $325.

Now, forget dove, I'm ready for gobblers again![;)]


(nice username BTW)

That Benelli is a fine gun. My advice is to go to and download the PDF owners manual (if the gun didn't have the manual with it). When I had done this I would strip her down and give the little cuttie a shower, brushing and drying off. Eventually I'd put her back together. (don't we all love a little gun porn). This way you'll know its clean, protected, safe and ready. It never hurts to know how to field strip your gun, even if you never have to do so.

You'll find the bore to be chrome lined. You will also find the bore to be tighter than a 870. Within a couple thousandths the Benelli will have a .722" bore and the 870 around .728". This can make a big difference in a turkey choke relative constriction. Here's why;

Let's say you have a .655" constriction choke in your Benelli. Your bore of .722" minus the constriction of .655" leaves us .067" of choke. That's a tight choke. Then if we place a .655" choke in the Remington with a nominal bore of .728" we get a choke of .073". It becomes obvious that a shot/load that worked well in the Remington might not work at all in the Benelli, and vice versa.

The turkey choke you have may be too tight or too loose for the shot/load the previous owner used/tried. Can you determine the constriction and report that? If we knew that we might be able to advise you as to a a load that might work with that choke. Tighter chokes like smaller shot (usually).

Heck it may shoot like the devil on the first try, but I bet you'll want to try several different loads to find out. The previous owner might have just not liked the recoil or any number of real reasons to sell this beauty. I say it's your gain. That is a gun that can last a man a lifetime.

I owned a High Standard pump long long ago ('69). It had a fixed full 28" barrel and was a duck whackin machine with paper Super X #4's (lead). A pump that can reliably chamber and eject whatever you stuff in it is important. Those old paper shells sure would reload sweet. (Doesn't that tell you right up front I'm an old fossil). I also killed a pickup load of pheasant and chucker with it. My Dad bought the autoloader version the very same day. I sold my pump during the oil embargo and got dad's gun when he died. I plan on carrying that this dove season, as I do every year. It still shoots lead 8's great, and I can open up on a flight of birds 20 yards before my buddies shooting choked guns. With proper care that much more well built Benelli should be something a great-grandkid can eventually shoot safely (assuming you're not old enough to have those yet).[;)]

Well done! (sorry to ramble, but I like pumps guns)
"If you ain't sure don't shoot!"

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RE: Seriously - what is the ONE gun?

Postby jedipastorken » September 13th, 2009, 3:35 pm

Thanks for the advice tickbait.  I've not taken it apart yet but have worked through the bore.  As to restriction, I got no idea!  I'll have to get out into the woods and try to pattern some more.  I know some others with the SNova who use the standard full-choke and think that is sufficient. 


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