effective range of #6 shot on gobbler

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Re: effective range of #6 shot on gobbler

Postby Todd1700 » April 20th, 2013, 9:00 am

air leak wrote:My sons and I shoot Remington Magnum Turkey Loads. Copperplated, 3 inch mags, 2 oz of # 4's.

I believe that too much is made of counting pellets in a 10 inch paper plate, @ 40 yards.

Number 4 Shot hits harder than Number 6 Shot, at 40 yards. Number 4's have greater penetration and knock down power.

IMO, 4's would have killed that turkey.

Lead number 4 pellets will kill way out there "IF" you can get one of them to land in a lethal spot. The shot distance in question was 50 yards. I have been fooling with turkey shotguns, shells and chokes for over 30 of my 47 years. I have never seen any lead number 4 shell fired from any shotgun throw an even remotely decent pattern at 50 yards. The most common word I would use to describe a lead 4 pattern at 50 yards is "ABYSMAL". In fact most I've seen at that distance couldn't really be called a pattern at all. I'd lose good money betting that someone couldn't prove me wrong on my range behind the house. You hear a lot about turkeys killed at 50 yards with lead 4's on the internet. But sit someone down at a laser ranged 50 yards and ask them to show you in person what their 50 yard lead 4 turkey smoker will do and the BS comes crashing down.

Want to build a 50 yard gun? It starts with denser than lead shot and involves being willing to spend some money trying different chokes and wasting some shells at the range looking for the best combo. Denser than lead 6's will penetrate enough to kill cleanly at 50 yards and can, with the right choke, yield patterns that are lethal to that distance as well.

Lead 6's are far beyond their effective lethal range at 50.

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Re: effective range of #6 shot on gobbler

Postby mark hay » April 23rd, 2013, 11:34 am

Number 6 lead is a plenty for 40 yard birds . Providing there is no brush between you and the bird . But , I personally don't believe we should be trying to kill turkeys or any game by shooting through brush ,,,at any distance.
All the above mention shot sizes are effective fodder for turkeys at the proper range . The shot size or type one uses is not as critical to me as the set up . If a hunter can see the bird at 50 yards , in my opinion he has already buggered his set up to deceive a turkey by setting up in TOO open cover . At 50 yards you may be able to see a lot of turkey out there . But he can see your spot , even the buttons on your shirt . He has no need to shorten the distance any more ,,,,,he can't see the bird you portrayed with your calling , therefore he will not come any farther . He may stand around there looking for a while , or even gobbling , or strutting , but not likley to venture any closer without a VISUAL .
So , many will turn to a decoy for the visual rather than change their set up to more dense cover . That's fine . But , like so many have said ,,,decoys don't always work ,,,and the bird may still hag up at 50 .

4's , 5's , 6's , they are good . Let your set up work for you ,,,not against you.

Killed a bird yesterday morning at 20 steps ,,,,7 1/2 shot , Rem. waterfowl load ,,,hevishot. Turkey didn't know the difference.

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Re: effective range of #6 shot on gobbler

Postby icdedturkes » April 23rd, 2013, 8:25 pm

Gotta agree with Treerooster and Todd..

The whole patterning thing is a tradeoff between energy and density.. I have never seen a 40 yard pattern with lead 4s I would hunt with in terms of density, but they sure have the penetration. I guess its the "If I hit him right he will go down" mentality.. IF you truly do your homework whether lead 6s or 4s lead is a 40 and in pellet..


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