cross bow

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cross bow

Postby arrowsonly » March 15th, 2013, 9:22 am

I know this is against the grain, but I do not know were else to post this question on this board...
Anybody out there that shoots a cross bow ? I can't be the only one...
350+ FPS w/carbon bolt @ 185 lbs draw weight, variable lighted scope 2-3.75 ; a tripod, the darn thing is heavy
I will sit in my Double Bull with a heater by the looks of this winter/spring unlike last year this time 79* degrees on St. Patrick's day
I broke down and bought some new Rage 100 grain broad heads for cross bow, 40 bucks a 3 pack ouch...
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Re: cross bow

Postby Treerooster » March 15th, 2013, 2:23 pm

I got one and hunted with it last year.

Got a Wicked Ridge Warrior and am shooting 100gr NAP Spitfires. I did get some extra blades to hopefully offset the cost of a shot. Haven't put any on yet though.

I use it same as if I were hunting with a gun. No blind and I seldom used decoys. A bit tougher to get the right shot IME. I could have shot 3 or 4 toms with my shotgun that I didn't take a shot at with the xbow last year. I tend to be conservative with my shot selection though.

Got a five bearded bird with it last year.


As far as this turkey thing......I know know enough...that I don't know enough

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