at Gander Mtn- narrowed my selection

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RE: at Gander Mtn- narrowed my selection

Postby allaboutshooting » February 8th, 2011, 4:57 am


I have to say that I am very impressed to have your ear on my second post, Mr. Bush. [color="#ff0000"]Thank you. I'll try to be of any possible help.[/color]

First order of business, I have not deep cleaned my barrel yet, but I have printed off your instructions and I intend to do so this spring. [color="#ff0000"]I understand. That process really will help a lot. It's just surprising how much "gunk" can be inside the bore of a typical shotgun.[/color]

Can't shoot yet anyway, we have 3' of snow. Here is my information regarding the A5:

I have shot about 50-100 boxes of duck loads through the gun.

Choke tube: a Truglo TG 156, which I think is 0.630?? or 0.665. There is conflicting information on various websites. [color="#ff0000"]The Truglo "156X" the is designed to fit Browning Invector+ barrels and has an exit diameter of .643[/color]. [color="#ff0000"]That is an excellent turkey choke and you should be able to get some good patterns with it, when matched with a good turkey shotshell. That choke does need to be "deep cleaned" as well. You can see how one should look inside by visiting and looking at the article "The Interior Geomertry of the SSX Turkey Choke".[/color]

Shells I have shot while patterning all 2 3/4 inch:
Remington Nitro 5s-163 hits at 30 yards, 102 hits at 40 yards in a 12" diameter
Remington Premier Magnum 4s-75 hits at 30 yards in a 12" diameter
and 5s-37 hits at 40 yards in a 12" diameter
Heavi Shot 6s-no data
Federal Magnum Shock (Flight control wad) 6s-124 hits at 30 yards in a 12" diameter.

I also have an old box of lead duck load which I have not shot...Federal Power Magnum Buffered shot 1 1/2 ounce 4s. There 23 left in the box. Would these have enough snap for turkeys?
[color="#ff0000"]It has been my experience that #6 shot will just flow better in most shotgun barrels and through most turkey chokes, including the TG156X in your A-5 with the Invector+ barrel. I can not find any shotshells that will pattern more consistently and deliver more even and dense patterns than the current Hevi-13 shotshells produced by Environ-Metal. Their 12 gauge 2.75" shell with #6 shot (Part #42384) should give you some excellent patterns through your gun and that choke. If you can not find those shells where you are, I'd recommend that you contact Environ-Metal directly at 541.367.3522 or by visiting their web site[/color]

[color="#ff0000"]Another shell that I'd recommend would be the Winchester Supreme Xtended Range Hi-Density 2.75" shell with #6 shot (STX126) That's also a very consistent performer through your gun and choke. Winchester also has a lead shot shell that will do well. The Supreme HV Turkey load (STH126) with #6 lead shot.[/color]

Regarding the fibre optic sights and shooting high; I presently have the universal fit Truglo sight. I cannot get the rear sight low enough to lower my POI. I have tried all 4 sizes of the better quality Magnum Gobblestopper sights, which seem to have a taller front sight. Three of the four sizes go over the rib and do not tighten and the fourth will not go over the rib. [color="#ff0000"]I recommend the Truglo "Pro-Series" Magnum Gobble-Dot. It is gun specific and the TG944C should fit your gun. It gives you much more elevation adjustment.[/color]
[color="#ff0000"]I like the Truglo products but they make so many different products with names that sound very much alike. The only real way to differentiate them is by the exact model number.[/color]


I hope some of that will help you some. Please let me know if I can be of assistance and I'll do all that I can to be of help.

"If he's out of range, it just means that he has another day and so do you."

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RE: at Gander Mtn- narrowed my selection

Postby Franco » February 9th, 2011, 12:09 pm

I ordered a 12ga Benelli Super Nova, 24 inch barrel, with the steadgrip stock (pistol). I went with black instead of Camo. The Benelli guns camo looks too much like dessert camo.  I like the Super Nova because the stock is modular so I could replace it if something happened. I thought the Nova forearm rattle too much and I read that SuperNova elimnated this. I also like the feature with the Supernove that I can remove the shell from the chamber without pulling in another shell.  Never shot a Benelli but it feels good in the store.
Shotgun magazine compared the 870 to the Supernova. It gave the Benelli an A and the 870 a C-. The only knock on the Benelli was the 7 lb trigger. One of the things I was really dissapointed is that the 870 was way-way off when shot. I know a guy that bought a 1187 and it was off over a foot at 30, he traded it in, so that scares me about the Remingtons.
Its not in yet......but I am having second thoughts[8|]
I tried the action of a Supernova in the store, it feels better than the 870, I don't know if its a 100 dollars better. I also was dissapointed in that I could not tell any different in the rattling of a Nova to a super. They had a an 870 turkey gun, rifle sites, sureshot stock, camo on sale for 459.
Any thoughts

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RE: at Gander Mtn- narrowed my selection

Postby kenturkey89 » February 9th, 2011, 12:50 pm

Don't fret, Franco, because you have a very nice gun headed your way. Both guns are great and are capable of doing what you need them to do. It sounds like you looked around and did a little research and made a decision based on which one you felt was better. You should be like a kid waiting for Christmas time because you'll really enjoy the gun once you get it[;)]


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