started patterning my 20 ga today

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started patterning my 20 ga today

Postby kyhareraiser » February 20th, 2011, 12:20 pm

started out today with 2 3/4 low power sporting loads and my red dot scope on a 500 mossberg 20 ga ..figure that way i won't shoot away the more expensive 3inch hevishot shells .. now i'm shooting pretty good patterns at a 3x5 index card with the 7 1/2's and so tomorrow i'm going to try the 3" winchester supreme w/5 shot  and the remington nitro  w/5 shot at a turkey head target to see which does best far as soon as i find some #6 shot in the 20 ga i'll try them too ..and i'll go from there ..i'd say i'll still take the ole' 12 ga.on opening morn as usual and if my grandson kills a bird through youth season with the 20ga i'll more than likely try to get bird #2 with the 20 ga..can't tell though ,since i'd like to ake one with a bow ,i might go their first

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