remington 870 or 11-87 sps surshot turkey

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Re: remington 870 or 11-87 sps surshot turkey

Postby bamabirdbuster13 » May 11th, 2012, 9:10 pm

yea i believe id only shoot the 3inch shells and i allready like to shoot hevi-shot so that infos a plus. all of my shots are between 8-15 yards this year so a 3 inch is perfect. as far as recoil i comoplain about it but u dont even think about recoil when u drop a longbeard ..ill survive. have u tried anyother tubes than the jellyhead. it seems like alot of people shoot that gun choke combo. i really think imma get the 870
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Re: remington 870 or 11-87 sps surshot turkey

Postby allaboutshooting » May 19th, 2012, 10:22 pm

bamabirdbuster13 wrote:hey everyone ive been looking at the new remington turkey guns and i cant get em off my mind, and would like to buy one before the next season. the 11-87 and 870 sps shurshot turkey in 12ga. 3 1/2in. look like they throw a hell of a pattern. also the sp-10 in 10ga. coould be used for deer hunting as well as turkey busting. if you have any input on your setup would be greatly apreciated.

I apologize for being late to respond to your post. I shoot both 870s and 11-87s and like them both. For many years I shot an 11-87 pretty much exclusively in still target competition. I shot literally thousands of full power 3" turkey loads through it. I bought another one just like it for a back-up eventually. They are tough guns.

The 870s do have more recoil of course but since I have put AKITA adjustable stocks on mine and they really tame the recoil and make them much more comfortable to shoot.

I only shoot 3.5" shells when I'm evaluating a new gun/choke, etc. otherwise I shoot 3" shells exclusively. They do everything that's needed in the turkey woods.

To me the most important part of any gun decision, is how the gun feels to you. How it comes to the shoulder, how it balances in the hand and how it fits you. If you have a friend who has a particular gun that you think you'd like and he'll let you shoot it, so much the better.

I don't think you'd go wrong with either the 870 or the 11-87.

As far as chokes go, it's very hard to beat the SSX ... ucts_id=74 in those guns. The best shell that I can find today is the 3" Hevi-13 shell with 2 oz. of either #6 or #7 shot. If you want to shoot lead shells, then the 3" Winchester HV (black shell) with 1.75 oz. of #6 shot is the best that I can find.

Lastly, whichever gun you choose, I recommend that before you take it to the range, you "deep clean" the bore. It helps much more than you might imagine.

Have fun and enjoy your new gun.

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