choke tube for mossberg 500

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choke tube for mossberg 500

Postby overton224 » May 31st, 2008, 1:46 am

I just bought a new mossberg model 500.  i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on choke tubes that would work well in this gun.  i use 3" rem. hevi shot #5's.  always used my bro's 870 till now, and he swears by primos tightwad's.  for good reason, he dropped a big tom at 60 yards with 1 shot last year... but not sure if it will work right in my gun.  any suggestions??

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RE: choke tube for mossberg 500

Postby hoosierhunter » June 1st, 2008, 4:15 am

Hey Overton224, good question and for what it's worth here's my answer. Many variables affect the lethal effective range of a shotgun used for turkey hunting, such as ammo and shot size, barrel length and choke constriction and of course the type of shotgun being used.When I say the type of shotgun being used, I don't mean a manufacturers type, ie Mossberg,Remington,etc., I mean turkey specific,designed especially for turkey hunting.Yet your question was concerning choke tubes so lets concentrate on that variable. One of the first shotguns I used while turkey hunting was also a Mossberg 500 with a field barrel. On that specific weapon I found that a Undertaker tube by H.S.Srut worked especially well and I have taken multiple gobblers out to 60 yds. with it. I still have that 500, and often allow those I guide, to use it because of my confidence level in it. These days though, I have gone turkey specific and now use an Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Thumbhole 20"barrel,12 ga. with a Kicks Gobblin Thunder GT .670 choke tube. In both guns I use 3" Winchester Supreme Extended Range in #6 shot because of the tight constriction of the tube. Excuse me, #5's in the 500. Although what works for myself, may not work for you even though we might have the same weapon, but it is somewhere to start, and it might save you some money. As the founder and owner of Hoosier Hunter Custom Calls, and with a great Pro-staff, we are always discussing the many different aspects of turkeys and turkey hunting, and we are always trying to help others to graduate from turkey hunters to turkey killers. I thank the Great Father above for another wonderful season;Tn-1, Ky-2, In-1, Mi-1, W.Va-1, not to mention the many successful hunts it was my privelege to guide.Well, Overton224, I hope my endless ramblings has been some help to you and others, and if you have the time, go to and sign up for the monthly drawing for a FREE custom box call. GOOD LUCK, GOD BLESS, AND STAY SAFE

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RE: choke tube for mossberg 500

Postby ksdown » June 1st, 2008, 9:58 am

Just went through the same process your on now.  Tried several of the Primos and the factory turkey chokes along with countless loads in my Mossberg 500 12 ga.  None of the combinations gave me consistent patterns beyond 18 yards.
At camp this year one of the other hunters introduced me to the Patternmaster choke that he was using in his Weatherby; luckily the threads are the same.  I don't know what load he was using but the only load I had with me was Hevishot #6 1-5/8 oz 3".  The first shot I took was at 25 yards and put over 50 BB's in the head.  The 2nd and 3rd shots were at 40 and 45yds and put over 35 BB's in the head and neck.  Its amazing how guns are so different as the other hunter used the Jellyhead I had and it gave him better patterns then the one he let me borrow---a quick trade was in order.
FYI: My 500 is matched with a factory ported 24" barrel.  Season ended here yesterday and I was able to take 3 birds this year all beyond 30 yards and very clean kills.  I will pattern again now that the season is over, because I am a little nervous about shots closer than 25 yards.  My suspicion is a pattern so tight I may need to upgrade the factory bead.
Hope this helps

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