NRA Annual Meetings

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NRA Annual Meetings

Postby allaboutshooting » April 15th, 2012, 10:22 pm

Doris and I went to the NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis yesterday. What a show! Just about every company in the shooting, hunting or anything related to those activities was there. If you ever think that the shooting sports are not alive and well, I'd encourage you to attend one of these events.

The exhibit hall with 340,000 ft. of exhibit space was full of people. It was just like the event that we attended last year in Pittsburgh, there were people of all ages. What a great sight to see so many people who are interested in the shooting sports in one place at one time!

Several companies introduced new products at this show. We spent a good bit of time with some of these folks, looking at mainly some new guns, asking a lot of questions, taking a few pictures and of course visiting with old friends.

I can also tell you that people were buying products. Anyone who was actually selling there, reported good to excellent sales. I also learned that the hall had been as crowded yesterday as it was today. Judging from our experience last year, Sunday is also a good day, with many people coming back for another look or families coming after church to make an afternoon of it.

We visited with most of the major gun manufacturers. We saw and were able to hold, shoulder and examine several new guns, some of which will soon be on the market and a couple that should debut later this year. Sales have been strong all year for these companies and they were all optimistic about future sales based upon orders taken both at SHOT and this show.

I'd encourage you to make plans to visit this event if all possible. You'll be in good company.

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