20 ga shotguns

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RE: 20 ga shotguns

Postby dawei » March 5th, 2011, 5:15 pm

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I've noticed a lot of guys on here uses a 20 ga. and to be honest Im amazed by some of ya's results. I have a 20 ga. Remington 870 Express youth model with a truglo turkey choke and using 3" Winchester Supreme shells that I let my son use. The best pattern I can get is at about 25 yards anything farther than that Im afraid would not be a good clean kill. In ya's opinion is the poor pattern due to it being a youth model, 20" barrel, or a combo of all three. Also, I have a old Mossberg 500 20 ga. 26" barrel that he might be able to use does any one have any recommedations of which choke would work best in it. Thanks for any and all info.
Well there are six 20Ga Winchester® Turkey loads............
• Winchester® Supreme® High Velocity 1200fps 1 5/16oz #4 (STH2034)
• Winchester® Supreme® High Velocity 1200fps 1 5/16oz #5 (STH2035)
• Winchester® Supreme® 1185fps 1¼oz #4 (X203XCT4)
• Winchester® Supreme® 1185fps 1¼oz #5 (X203XCT5)
• Winchester® Double X™ Magnum 1185fps 1¼oz #4 (X203XC4)
• Winchester® Double X™ Magnum 1185fps 1¼oz #6 (X203XC6)
Which were you using that patterned so poorly?

ORIGINAL: kygobbler
That mossberg is 20 yrs old, its the first shotgun I ever bought. I havent bought a turkey choke for it yet Im just curious to what others are using before I go thru a bunch of trial and errors and $$$. Thanks for the info guys, I didn't know if that Remington with a 20" barrel was capable of 40 yds. or not.
I have a Mossberg® 20ga 3" Magnum 26" barrel Mdl 500C I purchased new in the spring of 2000. While I have many shotguns that 26" barrel Mossberg® is a real turkey slayer. I use a Swarm® .555" choke with this load............
• Winchester® Supreme® High Velocity 1200fps 1 5/16oz #4 (STH2034)

I have so much confidence in the performance of my gun, choke, and load; that I will draw down on a gobbler out to 45yds with that combo!. Conventional wisdom is that one should use #6 in a 20ga because of the limited payload. That particular pump however prefers #4Pb. The pattern is dense and even through the Swarm® choke out to 45yds.

It's all about what each individual combo (gun/load/choke) will produce. The above load that is so great in my gun maybe totally worthless in your Mossberg® with the same choke however. To cite another example...................

My other 20ga turkey gun of choice is a Remington® SPR220 (Baikal® IZH-43) SxS. I use two chokes, both from Colonial Arms®, miked to .575 & .570". I tried just about every 20ga 3" Mag load made by Federal®, Fiocchi®, Kent®, Remington®, Winchester, and Hevi•Shot®; both Pb and HTL. This was hundreds of rounds and my patterns sucked. I was about ready to give up when I happened to finally find one round for each choke; AND ONLY ONE ROUND. The combination that finally worked for me was....................

• Right barrel, front trigger, .570" choke - Remington® Nitro-Turkey 1185fps 1¼oz #5 (NT20M5)
• Left barrel, back trigger, .575" choke - Federal® Flitecontrol® Mag-Shok® 1185fps 1 5/16oz #4 (PFC258 4)

If I swapped the chokes between barrels NOTHING worked! While this was an expensive lesson for me over the course of a year; it taught me that eventually you will find a gun/choke/load combination that will work.

As a general rule - the shorter the barrel, the tighter the choke. So in your case, for your 20" Remington®; try a .555" choke like Indian Creek®, Pure Gold®, or Swarm®. For your longer barrel Mossberg® try a little more open choke, .570" for example. A Primos® Tightwad™, or a Hunter Specialties® Undertaker™ would be good choices.

Another general rule is shoot lead through a tighter choke than you would an HTL load like Hevi•Shot®. Using my 20ga Mossberg® I found this to be true, the .555" Swarm® patterned Pb far better than Hevi•Shot®, conversely my .570" Hastings® choke patterns HTL loads far better than Pb.

I hope the information I provided is useful to you; and doesn't give you an aneurysm or migrane. Best of luck.............
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RE: 20 ga shotguns

Postby steveo » March 16th, 2011, 3:48 am

I bought my daughter the Mossberg batam 20ga....came with factory xfull choke and tru glow adjustable sights, shot it with Winchester 3" #6 HV and others and was not impressed with patterns. I replaced the choke with a Primos tight wad replaced the factory sights with Tru glow low profile sights. The factory sight had a little set screw to adjust and would back out...it got lost ! not impressed with it .After doing this I shot Winchester #6s and Federal HW #6s and WOW is all I can say.......would not hesitate shooting a gobbler @ 40yds as it patterns awesome !!! recorded 25-30 hits in vitals on target.I think for the money this is a great gun.....no Gobbler killed with it yet but she smoked some geese this past fall with it.......looking forward to spring.


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