what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

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what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby eddie234 » April 9th, 2013, 2:19 pm

So, you've spent alot of time and money getting your gun patterned with the correct choke and shell combo. What do you do if your ammo gets discontinued? Go back to the drawing board? or have you stocked up on the ammo?
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spitten and drummen
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Re: what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby spitten and drummen » April 9th, 2013, 3:14 pm

Just in my opinion I would start over. I usually buy 4 or 5 boxes of what I'm shooting but at 30 bucks or more for5 is getting outta hand. The good thing is with the major advancements on shells, it shouldn't be hard to find another that patterns just as well as what you were previously using and in many cases a shell that actually performs better. Besides I don't know about you but I love experimenting with a new shell or shell/ and choke. Good luck. I'm sure you will find one you like just as much. By the way I love the heavy shot mag blend and myself along with several friends get great patterns and very dead birds.
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Re: what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby hawglips » April 12th, 2013, 9:06 am

I just load my own.

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Re: what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby allaboutshooting » April 13th, 2013, 2:45 pm

You've posed a very good question. We've seen some shells discontinued recently and I suspect that we might just see more in the future. With the rising price of components, especially tungsten, which is a part of the shot formula for many manufacturers, we may see some makers quit making shells with that shot. We may also see a reduction in the amount of tungsten in the shot of some of those shells.

Recently, at least one company, has "re-branded" some of their very inexpensive lead shot shells in an effort to move some shooters/hunters to their brand. We could and probably will see more of that activity, if the overall results were favorable.

It's really kind of a tough decision to make but maybe looking back a few years will be of some help.

In 1999, I was shooting 3.5" lead loads for turkeys and 3.5" steel loads for waterfowl. Everyone I knew was doing the same. When that radicaly product Hevi-Shot was introduced in 2000, I really wanted nothing to do with it. Experts at that time said it might/would damage your barrel because it was so hard and the shot just looked funny, it wan't round and shiny, so it couldn't possibly fly straight. Some of you older shooters/hunters may remember all of that conversation.

After 2000 and for the past decade+ I've been shooting Hevi-Shot products and other tungsten-based shot for turkeys in mostly 3" shells. Even steel shot has improved so much over the years that I would not even consider shooting a 3.5" shell for waterfowl.

Now we're in another era which included price increases, again, and some manufacturers have decided that their products would be too expensive for us as turkey hunters to afford. That may be the case and if you have a gun that just loves one of those products, it may serve you well to stock up on those shells, if you can still find them.

It may also be the case that something new is coming down the road that we've never anticipated. I recently shot some of the Hevi-Metal turkey loads and was very surprised by what I saw from them. We are an innovative people and I look forward to seeing what's next.

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Re: what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby hawglips » May 8th, 2013, 7:26 am

In the future, I think we're going to see lead ammo discontinued in some states and locales. For turkey hunters, it won't be a big adjustment or expense since we don't shoot many shells anyway. But for upland and other game, it will require some major adjustments for the manufacturers.


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Re: what to do if your ammo gets discontinued?

Postby shaman » May 8th, 2013, 9:49 am

Here's another vote for starting over.

Federal improved its lead high-brass #4 load several years ago, adding the Flight-Control wad. I'd been shooting that load since 1996. I could have stockpiled all the old stuff I could find, but I just went at it with an open mind. In the end, I changed choke tubes and kept shooting the Federal Lead #4 . My #2 son took the old choke tube and tried it with the Federal #4's and did a lot better than he was doing. #2 son's choke tube ended up going to SuperCore. He tried some Winchesters through it and has never shot anything else.

Go figure.
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