Decision Time: The Borrowed Gun

In this interactive feature, Editor Brian Lovett shares a scenario from his 20+ years of turkey hunting, asking "What would you do?"
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RE: Decision Time: The Borrowed Gun

Postby Everyday Hunter » March 27th, 2011, 10:10 am


Great to see you here again Steve!

Thanks. I'll say what I said to Mark Hay on another thread: I've been to busy lately to be on any message boards.

Funny thing, last year the same thing happened and I came back and apologized for being away, and several people said stuff like "Didn't miss you" and "Who are you?"

See ya 'round. And good luck on the longbeards.


P.S. By the way, these "Decision Time" threads are better than last year's, I think. Keep 'em coming, Brian.It's better to think through these scenarios now than when the chips are down.
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