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Lights Out Custom Calls

Postby cur hunter » April 15th, 2008, 6:13 pm

I just ordered a glass friction call made from birdseye maple, and it sounded amazing. Much to my dismay, my call got cracked right before the season opened. I liked it so much, I thaught it still sounded better than my other calls so I braught it anyway. Despite the howling winds and the crack, I called 7 birds with it. My friend would have bagged the biggest tom Ive ever saw but he fregot to put a shell in the chamber. My call is being repaired by Mr. Wendell Rye who is the owner of Lights Out Calls and Im looking foward to testing the call when it comes back in top condition. Seriously, yall should check his products out. Im EXTREMLY picky about how I like my calls and he custom built my description perefectly. His calls are not only affordible and beautifly crafted, they sound great.

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