Friction/pot calls

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Friction/pot calls

Postby dogknott » February 10th, 2009, 4:32 am

What do you prefer and why'

I have an OLD Perfection glass call that worked well enuff, but getting back into it after 10+ years, i would like a new one.

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby icdedturkes » February 10th, 2009, 5:03 am

I prefer a good anodized aluminum or crystal. I tend to run these calls a lil better.
If I were you starting from scratch I would buy two calls one from opposite ends of the spectrum.
A good slate: Easy to run, a lil softer
And than something a lil higher and Louder: crystal, aluminum, copper etc etc

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby tracebusta32 » February 10th, 2009, 5:27 am

I have a Cody slate call that sounds as good as any call I have ever heard.
I purchased an aluminum call last year for the first time, I have to say I was very pleased with the sound it puts out, very loud.
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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby trkyklr » February 10th, 2009, 5:42 am

roberts bros. glass/slate
purple heart/aluminum strikers

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby thundrchikin » February 10th, 2009, 5:50 am

I use Cane Creek Glass, Slate and Alum.Slate is a more forgiving surface,you dont hear your mistakes as much.Aluminum has a more edgy or raspy sound and is quite loud should you need volumn.Glass is my personal favorite it has really good 2 note yelps and is great for cutting,or you can tone it down if you need too,add a cotton mouth striker and it is as waterproof as any wood pot call on the market.

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby trkynut54 » February 10th, 2009, 12:49 pm

Slate is my favorite, I can make alot of calls on it and it works well when wet. I can't purr on a mouth call so I use a slate. 
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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby StevePA » February 10th, 2009, 1:10 pm

Slates from Doug Morgan and glass from Joe Mayaeux

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby GearJammer » February 10th, 2009, 3:56 pm

Good question Dognott! I personally would suggest a glass call. I say that because with a glass call you can actually manipulate the glass with different grit sand paper. On one of my glass calls, I have sanded 3 different areas of the surface for 3 different sounds. For this very reason I don't care for the aluminum calls. The aluminum already has its own grain, so you pretty much just get whatever sound the particular grain is. With glass, if you don't like the sound or doesn't seem quite right, you can change it at any time.
Hope this helps! Good luck this year! [:)]
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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby SamuraiTater » February 10th, 2009, 7:12 pm

I have a custom trough style slate that I like best.  I never even use a box, I guess I'm afraid of overdoing it with the volume.  Besides, it's just bulky and in the way.  The trough, another store bought pot/peg style, 3 different strikers and two diaphrams are pretty much all that I ever use.

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RE: Friction/pot calls

Postby stormshooter4 » February 11th, 2009, 12:58 am

I have about every call under the sun. Start the season carrying just about every call in the field, but as the season progresses, downsize to 2-3 calls with me. A dozen strikers go along cause each one has different sounds. The box call is used to reach out and entice the ones that aren't close, and  a crystal to work the closer ones. I too agree that the surface of the crystal can be worked to produce different tones. I've graduated from the Power Crystal to a Fantomb call.
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