Weekend Hunt

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Weekend Hunt

Postby kygobbler » April 14th, 2013, 7:46 pm

Well so far Im 0 for 2 on helping people getting their birds. Saturday all I could do was call in groups of hens that didn't have any gobblers. You would think if you called in six different groups of hens one would have a gobbler but oh well thats how it is sometimes.

Today was a lot better on taking a father and son on their first turkey hunt. Well this morning the father, son, and I got set up. They were in a blind and I setup right next to them that way I could communicate with them. At first light we heard about 8 gobblers but they were all about 500 yds away and on someone elses property. I was sitting there thinking this is going to be terrible day since no gobblers were even close and then some yahoo starts shooting and I know he was blasting them out the trees.

I started doing some soft yelping after I knew the birds were on the ground just to see if anything was close. No response. I wait a few minutes and decided to get aggressive and did some excited yelps and some hard clucks. GGGOOOBBBLLLEEE. Bingo. I wait a minute and do it again just to make sure he was answering me and 2 birds gobble this time but they were far off but the same birds. I told the kid to get his gun up because they were coming. After a few more minutes I let out a yelp and they are closer.

Here they come running as fast as they could out of some woods across the field and into the woods we are in. Im not going to lie but I could hear my heart pounding I was so excited. The kid was excited also going that bird is huge huge he is a monster. I tell him to shut up and be quiet because he was getting louder the more he talked. They enter the woods and one goes in full strut and the other is the looker. They ease in within 30 yards and Im saying to myself cmon kid shoot and I will get the other. The birds are still standing and Im still waiting to hear that 20 gauge go off but it aint. I whisper to the kid are you going to shoot or wait for xmas. He tells me daddy said dont shoot yet. What the heck right? Does he want them in our lap? These birds are doing what you see on the tv shows, they are strutting gobbling everything you want and nobody is shooting.

The start to ease off and I know its ball game because they are not going to come back. They get to the edge of the field and another bird gobbles from the woods that they left earlier. All right boys extra innings. The new guy comes charging in at mach 10 and starts fighting with the strutter and looker. It sounded like someone beating on bongo drums with all the shots that were being thrown. I lost placement on which bird was which but one took off running with his tail between his legs and another went walking back into the other woods. The winner followed behind them makeing sure they do what ever they were suppost to be doing.

We didnt kill a bird but I call it a successfull hunt. I asked the father why they didn't shoot and then I saw the gun they were using. A New England single action with a fixed full barrel. He told me that he didnt think they could shoot it that far and I agreeded. He asked why I didnt shoot and I told him I didnt want to be considered rude and shoot the bird from his son. He understood and I told him if he was holding the gun then I would have had a bird in my hand right now. Either way the bug has bitten them both and I see those two hunting turkeys for a long time. Im just glad to have had a hand in it.
Is it turkey season yet?

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