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Re: Ask Tad Brown Your Turkey Hunting Questions

Postby PA » May 5th, 2012, 7:15 pm


I am pretty new to this game so I'll apologize up front if these are blatant newbie questions. It is mid-season here in New Mexico and I hunted an area for days. Question # 1; I would get near a roost in the mornings, be uphill and wait for fly down before calling. The toms wandered off but I could get the hens to become visible. I wonder why I could call in hens and the toms flipped me off. Second question: Even though I was on wildly different ridges, I felt like I bumped into the same three toms on roost, one dominant one in a separate tree from the other two who would always answer his gobbles. I could never get them to stick around after fly down. Where was I in the season, the toms together w/o a flock of hens, a group of jakes, hens already sitting on eggs or what? I never saw a flock just individual hens... ( I 'll take any recommendation of what to read to catch up...) Thanks!!


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