Archibald Rutledge Miss Seduction Box Caller

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Archibald Rutledge Miss Seduction Box Caller

Postby CMBOSTC » January 20th, 2012, 8:40 pm ... 0939219423

This is a reproduction of Archibald Rutledge's famous Miss Seduction box caller. The call is made from a Poplar base, Mahogany sound boards, Wormy Butternut paddle and has Eastern Cedar end blocks. The call comes with Archibald Rutledge's instruction paper using his words but in my hand writing.

The winning bidder can PM me with a female name to be placed on the call.

Message: My calls are made to represent calls of past call makers. Most of the “Old Timers” didn’t use a finish because the calls were made to kill turkeys and not sit in a display cabinet. Call makers of the past made calls out of necessity if they got messed up they would just make another one.

I try very hard to make my calls represent calls of the past. I sand all checks and scratches smooth and use a hand rubbed oil finish on my calls. My calls probably won't be winning any beauty contests. I make them for one intended purpose and that's to roll big ole Gobblers.


Gobble, Gobble… “BOOM”!


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Re: Archibald Rutledge Miss Seduction Box Caller

Postby Dixie Belle » January 20th, 2012, 11:29 pm

Another good looking box call. I don't put any finish at all on my scratch boxes and unless the buyer specifies it I don't put a finish on my box calls either. Even the ones that do get a finish only get a couple of coats of lacquer and then get rubbed to a dull finish with 0000 steel wool, same goes for the pots and strikers. The only ones that get a gloss finish are special ones made for some special purpose. Getting that big gobbler is all the prize any call could ask for. Keep up the good work. :)
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