Padauk, Red heart and BN Double pane slate caller (SOLD)

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Padauk, Red heart and BN Double pane slate caller (SOLD)

Postby CMBOSTC » December 2nd, 2011, 11:00 pm ... 0907784878

This is a glued slate call. It is made from a Butternut base, Red heart outer pane, Padauk inner pane with a Butternut sound board. This slate caller is a "pocket friendly" call. The size being just approximately twice the size of the average Lynch Jet slate call. It comes with a red oak striker. The caller will produce a wide range of calls. It will produce soft tree yelps, and get louder with realistic purrs and yelps.

The caller has sound ports drilled on the short sides of the slate housing. These port holes amplify the sound produced by the caller and add a realistic resonance to the quality of the sound. Truly a unique design and one worth using during both spring and fall seasons.


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