Roosting Birds

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Roosting Birds

Postby gooseberry » April 3rd, 2011, 3:48 am

This might seem like a dumb question, but how do you roost birds? Do you just drive the
back roads at dusk and look for the birds in the tress? I'm thinking if you walk into the woods you will spook the birds?

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mark hay
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RE: Roosting Birds

Postby mark hay » April 3rd, 2011, 4:18 am

It'll improve in time Goose . The amount of time spent in the woods in keen observation and intent listening will help in ways that you can't get on the internet .
 You may drive roads just before sundown . Stopping here and there to listen for heavy wingbeats as they go up . Often mixed with limbs crashing as the big wings strike the limb.
 Predawn should reveal their roosts too. Though they may not use the same tree day to day they generally return to the same general area . By learning the areas they prefer to roost in you learn where to be to hear them fly up in the evening . Being as quiet as possible getting in and out of their living room . If by chance you are out and turkeys fly up too close to you you'll need to wait until it is dark to slip out . I always carry a flashlight in the afternoon /evening just in case I get trapped by the turkeys . One time being forced to stay till dark without a light and you can find yourself having quite a long walk . I have done that ONCE . That's was enough for me .
 If you haven't started a journal , I do recommend you should . Noting details of each outing . Whether you are scouting or hunting the information will be there to go back to to refresh your memory . Area maps also . Marking on maps things such as known roost areas ,,,,feeding areas ,,,,loafing and strutting areas ,,,dusting sites ,,,,fencelines ,,,benches on ridges and saddles as well , along with any other obvious landmarks .
 Large tracts of hardwoods with scattered mature pines are places of interest for roost sites in my hunting areas . Check for feathers and droppings under such pines . But , turkeys being turkeys sometimes will roost in a oak right next to a stand of good pines .
 Remember that nothing is a for sure thing with turkeys . We can only go on generalities . Right when we think we have one figured out he 'll do something completely the opposite . Their nature allows them to make fools of hunters OFTEN.

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RE: Roosting Birds

Postby kygobbler » April 3rd, 2011, 5:38 am

Like Mark said you got to get out in the woods and listen. In my neck of the woods they will either roost on ridge tops or down by a creek if there is one there. If you decide to go in the evenings try to get there a couple of hours before dark. There have been times when the turkeys will hang out around the roost area for 45 mins before flying up and there has been times when I could barely see 5 yds in front of me and think they roosted somewhere else for the night and soon as I stand up I hear that "PUTT" call and they was still on the ground. Something else you can try is to wait about 30 mins after dark and give out an owl call and see if one responds.
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