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Postby Turkeybuster » February 14th, 2009, 9:06 am

Hey Ghost
Sounds good on the last week of the season I think that is always the best week anyhow. The sportsmans show was far from slow I made it up three times,  twice to meet some of HS STRUTS people and one time to survey the fly fishing purveyors.Also got to see the turkey calling contest the calling this year was good to say the least. On SUNDAY the day of the contest you could hardly move in the main area glad we were in the small arena,TUE.AND Thur. It wasn't bad,I just came from Bass Pro and the parking lot was full as people were takeing the buses from there and the manager said it was twice as crowded yesterday. It was a good show however the outfitters seem to be takeing a beating due to the economy being what it is. There wasn't many custom call makers there but the commercial crowd was there as usual. Albert Paul didn't show up although he had a booth reserved.
The time frame is bad for the call makers since Nashville is right around the corner and traveling being expensive.


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