Need some advice

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Need some advice

Postby reKor11 » May 4th, 2009, 11:34 am

It has been a rough start to the season in western Mass.  Birds are vocal on the roost but not talking much after sunup.  Going to be rainy the next few days.  I hunt a large ridge that borders an agricultural field.  I know where there are toms roosted.  Whereas I have seen a lot of turkeys in the field in previous years, I have only seen a lone hen so far.  I believe the toms are going up the ridge with hens after flydown.  As I said the next few days are going to be wet.  Should I continue to try and get above the roosted birds before flydown (tried this once unsuccesfully).  My other idea was to set up a blind in the field where they may enter.  Figure witht the rain they might be out?  Let me know any suggestions.  Thanks.

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RE: Need some advice

Postby Turkeybuster » May 4th, 2009, 2:18 pm

It may be a good idea to set up the blind as we are in for some soggy weather all week. Birds like to hang around fields in rainy weather. The weather in Pa. has been terrible and you are going to get it there. I hunted in a steady downpour all morning to no avail and there is no break in sight. You may want to set a single hen decoy preferably a feeding hen if you have one and wait them out.
My blind is in the basement I wish I had set it up before the season now.

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