help killing this bird

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RE: help killing this bird

Postby Moonshine Gobbler » April 20th, 2009, 5:37 pm

It sounds like you know his roost tree or near his tree. Also you seam to know where he goes after fly down. Have you tried to ambush him? No calling just sittin waiting for him to come by? It is a BORING hunt but it does work.

Go between point A and Point B, just watch out for the hen. Also on big ole birds like this I prefer hunting after the hens nest up. He will be single and looking for a mate.

My .02
Good Luck


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RE: help killing this bird

Postby ridgerunner » May 5th, 2009, 6:20 pm

There are some birds that just ain't going to get killed. If you have other birds, go try some of them, let him rest a few days. Or at least don't hit him first thing in morning. If he is gobbling a lot, he may not have hens, but is waiting until hen appear. Sneak in about mid morning, if you have some areas of fresh scratching set up in the area and lightly call, primarily purrs. If you are lucky enough to get a gobble, just sit tight and be ready. If he is like most late season birds, at lest in my area, he will probably just walk in unannounced. Good luck, and above all enjoy the spender of Gods creation. And be thankful for the opportunity.


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