to decoy or not to decoy?

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RE: to decoy or not to decoy?

Postby TR Call Maker » May 14th, 2009, 3:56 pm

I have used them but don't any more. I won't say that I never will again but I try to set up in a place when he comes into sight he's in killing distance. I know that is not always possible but I seem to have better luck without one.

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RE: to decoy or not to decoy?

Postby shaman » May 15th, 2009, 7:54 am


Dekes are hit or miss....I have killed turkeys that would not die by traditional methods by using a deke or 3.....I have also spooked turkeys using them.... As far as the statements of them being time consuming or the fact that they tie you down..thats  BS...It takes less than a few seconds to rip a deke from its pole and tuck away...seconds at best....provided its just a roll up Feather Flex deke...which is all thats needed btw....

Steve, I really don't appreciate you calling things BS that you know NOTHING about.  You just have no clue how Klutzy a guy like me can be in the woods.  I'm sure you've got this thing down pat.  ME?  I decided to give it a try today and just see what it took.  I have the general dimensions of John Wayne after he went to seed.  I give the impression of a walking landform in the woods.  I am as graceful as a Bobcat in the forest-- not the animal, the earth moving equipment.

My best time for putting out a 3-decoy spread was about 2 minutes.  I used  foam decoys and one of those polycarbonate folding stakes that stays in one piece.  I didn't try to rush. I deployed 3 decoys 10 yards from a tree and 10 yards apart from each other.  I did what I usually did. I put an extra twig in the ground to prevent the decoy from moving to far in the wind.  I made sure I got the stake pushed in.  I tried not to make a lot of noise.  I was surprised how long it took. Something always went wrong. In one case, I hit a rock with the stake and couldn't get it in the ground for three attempts. One hen deke wouldn't puff out and kept wanting to fold back up.  In another the twig I picked up from the was rotten and broke off. In one location, I couldn't find a twig and had to go hunt one up. 2 minutes was my best time.  I did a lot worse, but I ain't saying.  You'd just make fun of me.  I left the Trans-fan in the bag-- 3 foam dekes was enough.

I also tried pulling up my  string of dekes and doing it like I was getting ready to move.  I've got fast-buckles on my decoy bag, and it has a very wide mouth, so it's not hard to cram the dekes in.  Again, it took me just a little under 2 minutes.  The problem was that this time, I stooped-walked the whole way.  If I have to pick up and move, I assume that there's a turkey somewhere, so I gave myself that handicap. 

The other thing I noticed as I was doing this was noise.  There was a lot of noise as I'm either deploying or recovering dekes.  Maybe I'm just a complete zilch as a turkey hunter, but there was the sliding of the dekes against themselves, me against the surrounding brush, the deke and the stake, breaking twigs up. KYHillChick was timing me from the back porch and got to witness the whole thing.  Her conclusion: "So doing all this, how do you ever get a turkey?"

She's right.  I can't ever remember a time I've had dekes out, decided to pull up stakes and move, and managed to get a gobbler. Without dekes?  Yep, a couple times.  I can also remember being hunched over with those cussed aluminum 2-piece stakes and having a hen bust me--dang near fell on a stake she scared me so bad. 

My point is simply this:  Yes, I'm sure a master  nimrod such as youself can probably deploy a whole flock of decoys with the deadly silence and efficiency of a team of SOCOM assassins and the supple grace of a ballet dancer.  Me? Forget it. So it's not BS.
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