Putting It all Together

Ask questions of and offer advice to fellow turkey hunters
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Putting It all Together

Postby SwampManJ » December 22nd, 2009, 8:16 am

Hey All,
Been after them turkeys for only a season at this point.  Did a lot of learning on the fly and man can that learning curve get steep.  My Father never learned to hunt but loved the outdoors and help me to fall in love with em.  Unfortunately, My mentors have been anyone who can lend some good advice.  I'm a public land hunter only and have had a rather succesful Big Game/Fowl season so far.  I was just awared Quota in Ocala National Forest in Florida and these Osceolas are tough.  So here's my list of things i'm hoping you all could help to explain. 
1.  Shock Call Timing:  Do you shock call only before Sunrise?  When do you stop Shock calling in the morning? How soon or far after sunrise?
2.  When your on the move "Runnin' And Gunnin'" how long do you wait in one spot before moving again.  What makes you decide to move?
3.  Specific Example:  I have found several nice feathers near a few sets of trees.  Droppings not so apparent however.  If you were trying to locate the roost by that evening so you can setup in the morning, what would you do, what would you look for....basically how should i interpret the sign. 
Thanks so much for any advice...Much Appreciated. 
Justin Fiorentino 
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RE: Putting It all Together

Postby Duke0002 » December 22nd, 2009, 2:27 pm

Do you shock call only before Sunrise?

Make sure you are not calling before legal hunting time.  States may differ, but shock calling before legal hours may get you in trouble with the game warden.

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RE: Putting It all Together

Postby allaboutshooting » December 22nd, 2009, 3:55 pm

Hey Justin,

Welcome to the T&TH message board and to turkey hunting. I've been chasing those big red headed birds for a long time now but certainly don't have all the answers. I will however try to answer, as best I can, some of your questions.

In most areas where I've hunted, there are owls, crows, dogs, coyotes, etc. that are very active early in the morning. Many times a turkey will respond to one of those "natural" sounds and gobble. If he does not, and I reasonably believe there is a gobbler in the area, I may try something different, like a pileated woodpecker call. I may try that from my original spot and may try it after I've moved to another spot, if moving is what I choose to do.

There is really no "right amount or wrong amount" of time to wait in one spot. In my experience however, longer is usually better than shorter. A turkey is not on a clock. He may decide to come to where you are but he may take a lot of time to do that. By moving, he may well see you and decide another place is better than where you are.

Many times roost trees are located by accident. We just stumble across them as we're making our way through the woods. We can up our odds however by looking for likely trees, with good limbs, half-way up hills and with clear spaces where a turkey could land, etc.

If you find a number of turkey scratchings, you may be able to follow those backward until you find a source, maybe a roost tree.

I've also found roost trees by just sitting in the woods at fly up/fly down time and listening. When I hear more than one bird fly up/fly down (I'm lucky) and I may have also found a roost tree.

Turkeys may stay in an area for a long time if there is food, shelter and water...and they are not disturbed, or they may just wander away. That's what makes this sport such a challenge.

My best advice is to enjoy the hunt. I'd also suggest that you read the article "Good End of Season Advice" at http://www.turkeyandturkeyhunting.com/article/endofseason/
You may find it helpful.

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RE: Putting It all Together

Postby thunderchicken » December 30th, 2009, 11:35 am

This is sign to look for..........

dusting areas
droppings especially under roost trees
Once you find them.........well turkeys will be turkeys!

Have fun!
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