What to do?

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What to do?

Postby TurkeyHunterBMH » March 25th, 2010, 5:25 pm

Ok, im new here,so go easy on me.Lol[:)]
Im gonna be hunting at my aunts cabin on a lake. She owns over 1,000,000$ worth of land, and I got permission to trkey hunt it.
All it is, basically, is a bunch of fields that are connected. Im gonna be hunting all day and I got a Owl Call, Primos Power Freak Slate , H.S. Strut Li'l Duece Slate , Primos Power Crow, Primos Lil Hot Box, and a few diapghragm calls. Whats the best technique to hunt this property,and have success. Also, im hunting in Alabama. I will be using a single hen decoy,to. My camo is Realtree APG 3D Camo suit.
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RE: What to do?

Postby Cut N Run » March 25th, 2010, 7:48 pm

You need to send me a map on how to get there & I'll give you some on the job training.  j/k
Nobody can master all those calls quickly. Forget about trying to learn all those call types and work with one you can make sound real enough. A plunger-type call will often do the job, especially if you are going to be using decoys.
Probably one of the most important things you can do is learn the land that you'll be hunting.  Make notes on where you hear turkeys and work on getting set up in areas they already like to travel, hang out, and roost in (without getting busted).
Make sure you are familiar with what your shotgun is capable of & what shoots best out of it.
A single hen decoy will sometimes make the gobblers go into strut and hang up out of range.  Not that hen decoys alone don't work, they just usually work better if there is a jake decoy near the hen to make a gobbler jealous/ angry.  You'll probably get a better reaction using that combination.
Spend some time in the woods and get used to being still and listening to what goes on in the woods. Real turkey calls are great examples to immitate, it just takes a while to become an accomplished caller.  No matter what gear you have, if you can't keep still, your already giving the turkeys a greater advantage.
Good luck and have fun!
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RE: What to do?

Postby Treerooster » March 26th, 2010, 3:12 am

Might want to get you a gun.[;)]

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RE: What to do?

Postby swpatrkyhunter » March 26th, 2010, 4:14 am

Hi TurkeyhunterBMH! Welcome to the forum!
   Ok. I'll take it easy on ya! LOL! First I have to say that what Jim had to say was correct. But I will take what he said a little farther. Saying the property you will be hunting is worth over a million bucks does not really say anything. Million dollar property can mean alot of ground or a little amount of ground in a high price area. I will assume you were meaning alot though. You need to scout the area you plan to hunt and find out if it even holds birds. Then if you do find birds you need to find out where they roost,feed,strut,dusting areas, and travel routes. if your planing on doing alot of feild hunting you need to be mindful of decoy setup. As Jim stated it can cause a tom to hang up out of shotgun range. The natural order of things is for the hens to come to the tom when he gobbles. If you have a tom coming in from a good distance away and he sees your decoy from lets say 100 yards out. Then he might stop at about 75 yards and expect her to come to him. Although sometimes toms will run right in like a love starved teenager it usually does not work that way.
                             Getting good with one particular call first was sound advice from Jim. It is better to be real good with one call rather than being ok with a bunch. Practice, Practice, Practice! Learn what it is your saying to the birds and at what times to say it. Don't make sense to use a tree call in the middle of the day. A cd with LIVE turkey sounds telling you what the vocalizations mean would serve you well.  Again I have to agree with Jim about listening to the woods. Sometimes non turkey sounds will tell you where to look for birds,espeacaily when the toms are tight lipped. One thing I listen for is crows makeing alot of racket. For some odd reason it seems like crows tend to follow turkeys around or at least hang out in the same areas. Sometimes if you listen close to when crows are cawing you can hear a faint gobble that without careful listening you might miss.
                             Know your shotgun! set up a turkey target at 40 yards first then find the right shotshell/choke combination for your gun. Clark (allaboutshooting) would be a good person to ask for help with where to start. Once you find a good combination at 40 yards you need to see where the effective range is. Set up targets at 50 and 60 yards and you can figure out just how far you can take a shot before it becomes just throwing lead and possibaly maming rather then getting a clean kill. Practice keeping your cheek on the gun. More birds are missed due to hunters lifting their cheeks off the gun just before takeing a shot. If the jolt is keeping you from doing this then look into a good recoil pad and possibaly a different set of sights. I was getting hammerd with my gun and was haveing a hard time keeping my cheek on the gun because of it. So I got a good recoil pad which helped but the angle I needed to be to aim correctly still made it difficult for me to keep in the right position. So I purchased a set of tri-viz sights. Now I can keep my cheek down where it needs to be and my shots are better placed. Everyone is different and unless you have a gun that is custom made for your build small adjustments like changing sights can help.   Hope I was able to help you out some. Good luck and keep us posted on your hunts.
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