2 hunters, 1 gun

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2 hunters, 1 gun

Postby RickB » April 8th, 2010, 10:58 am

I hate to keep coming to the well, but y'all keep helping out, so I'll keep asking!
My friend and I are hunting this spring (hence all the questions).  But we are cheap and obviously still learning, so my friend bought the tag and will be carrying the gun.  I will carry the calls.
I read a topic here on two man hunting, but this implied that there were two folks with guns.  Elsewhere I read about a setup for two guys (one calling, one shooting).  Basically the shooter sets himself up 10-20 yards closer (than the caller) to where the turkeys are expected to come from. 
Do y'all have any thoughts on such a setup?
Thanks again (in advance)

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RE: 2 hunters, 1 gun

Postby swpatrkyhunter » April 8th, 2010, 11:11 am

Yes! If you look at all the posts about the two man hunt you will see where I mentioned that my buddy and I will often take turns. Haveing the caller set up behind the shooter a few yards can be very helpful when dealing with toms that seem to hang up once they get so many yards from where the calling is comeing from. Reason is that turkeys have VERY good hearing as well as eyesight. When you call they can not only know from which direction it came from but at what exact spot. This is why you hear some hunters talk about how they had a bird coming in then the bird went quiet. And after a few minute they get up and leave. Only to return later to see the bird at the tree they were calling from.
                                        A tom knows when he should be able to see the hen calling to him. When he gets to the area the calls are comeing from and see that no one is there he gets a little jumpy and will hang up. This is where the use of decoys comes in handy. but decoys don't always work out well. Placement of the decoys is important for them to work right.
                                       When doing the two man hunt where one shoots and one calls comunication is important. Eaither you want to sit close enough to each other so you can whisper to each other or use hands free radios. That way you can let the caller know if you see a bird coming in and vise-versa.   Good luck!
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