Decoys, Lov'um and Hate'um

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Decoys, Lov'um and Hate'um

Postby JeffCrez » April 9th, 2010, 5:05 am

I'm not really a huge decoy user. In fact, I can understand a "purist" not bothering with them or even disliking them. I'm a bit of a purist because I usually pass on jakes. Do I think its wrong to take one? absolutely not. My first bird was a jake and I can still remember every detail of that hunt. It's just as the years pass you become more appreciative of all the other aspects of the season. Yes the kill is why we're out there, but we discover that it's far from the only reason. When it comes to decoys, I've had hunts where I absolutetly would not have taken that bird without them, and others where it was obvious that they worked against me and I wondered why I lugged them into the woods.
It seems each year there is a "Latest Gadget" (this year the squeeling hen) to add to our collection. (I have some from past years collecting dust) To me it's sad to see the extent to which our sport has become commercialized and I don't blame the purists out there who refuse to try the new stuff. I quess we each have to decide what fits for us and keep an open mind when it comes to all this other "stuff". Back a few years on another turkey forum, a newbie inquired about what kind of blind and seat to buy for his first hunt as he didn't know anything about turkeys and needed to know what the most important item was. A veteran hunter gave him some great advice: Buy your self a good pair of boots, and when the soles are worn down to the leather you will be ready to decide on what the next item might be! [:D]
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RE: Decoys, Lov'um and Hate'um

Postby tracebusta32 » April 9th, 2010, 6:55 am

Well said JeffCrez, boots and a well patterned guns are what you should focus on when turkey hunting.
The longer you hunt the less you need, you appreciate the hunt itself moreso than harvesting a bird.
What I see happening is more and more disrespect for the General of the woods, so many hunters use phrases that shows that they don't appreciate the turkey.
When I first learned to hunt, I used every gadjet on the market, but the longer I have hunted to better it has gotten because now I can get em in close and watch them before taking a clean shot. But when you try to tell people about this way of hunting it is not well taken.
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RE: Decoys, Lov'um and Hate'um

Postby swpatrkyhunter » April 9th, 2010, 7:56 am

Ahhh! BOOTS!!!!   Best investment I made was a good pair of boots for turkey hunting. I got a pair of Lacrosse Alpha Burlys. They are light, keep my feet dry, and comfortable. Before I was useing ankle high camo boots that let water in after a few wearings, Caused me to lose a chance at a big tom cause my white sock was showing, and did nothing to keep my shins from getting wet when walking through wet grass. Now my comfort level is up and the hunts more enjoyable.
                        As for use of decoys. When I first started out and was mesmerized by the videos where decoy use was standard I got a couple and it was more of a pain then anything. If placement is not just right they can cause a bird to hang up or if you have the heads up to much they end up looking like a turkey in alert mode which spooks more birds then anything. So I rarely use them these days. Make for lighter walking too!
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RE: Decoys, Lov'um and Hate'um

Postby swampstalker » April 10th, 2010, 12:19 pm

I carry a jake and a hen deke riolled up in my vest, I almost never set 'em up, but they make a pretty good pillow to lean against (covered up of course). Seriously I hunt public land exclusively, I usually walk waaaay back in, but I'm still a little skittish about putting up the dekes. So they ride along in my vest. The only time I can remember setting them up was during a frog drowning rain. I figured most of the guys that hunt where I do would be home where it was dry. I say if you like to use them go ahead, just be safe with them. I see alot of guys who try and stalk turkeys, and even some who hunt with rifles( legal in FL, but not my thing) Good hunting

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