coyote vs turkey

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coyote vs turkey

Postby shanewr2 » April 25th, 2013, 8:41 pm

Im new to calling in turkey I have been calling coyotes most of my life. With a coyote if you call one in and it busts you it is much harder to call that same dog in unless you give it some time off from the call. Is a turkey the same way? And also it here in western kansas it is getting dark around 8 or 8 30 what is the latest a gobbler will come to a call in the afternoon before he calls it quits?

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mark hay
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Re: coyote vs turkey

Postby mark hay » April 26th, 2013, 9:11 am

Stay with them till you hear them fly up to roost or run out of legal time .

I once watched a flock of jakes and gobblers walk up to a point ridge and fly up to roost . I was very close and elected to just sit tight and wait for darkness to try and get out from under the flock without spooking them . I stayed till dark and slowly got to my feet and was trying to ''INDIAN'' out in the super dry leaves . Made it about 60 yards and to my great surprise there was still one bird on the ground . He went running down through a thicket puttin' all the way . It was too dark for fiber optic sights ,,,as well as past legal time .

Point is , they just don't play fair . Turkeys , in my opinion , will seemingly always do the UNEXPECTED .

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