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Postby 1Morgan » January 31st, 2011, 11:21 pm

Went to the lease on Sunday to look for some hogs. I found that the loggers have moved in since deer season quit. I'm on the coastal plains of SC. The lease is a pine plantation with hardwood pockets and drains. The birds have always stayed in the hardwoods and traveled the drains, they come out on the logging roads sparingly. I have never hunted any open areas/fields. I'm sure the logging decks and clearcuts will become strut/feeding areas. I'm not sure how to hunt these.

I've always carried a decoy with me but not used it very much due to the minimal sight distances. Turkey hunting has been up-close and personal to me. There has never been any watching them come in. They kinda just appear immediately in gun range. They gobble and ya know they are coming, ya just can't see em. I'll probably loose my mind watching them strut or run in for a few hundred yards.

Any suggestions?
South Carolina Low Country

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