How to Talk to Hens???

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RE: How to Talk to Hens???

Postby kyhareraiser » February 18th, 2011, 3:04 pm

kenturkey89 i ran into a situation something simular to what you are talking about this spring..i roosted a ole' tom the night b4 opening morn and could'nt get him to come to me and i played him long and steady,but nope not that day,so the next morning i kinda changed position on my set up so i could see down into the saddle and the ridge so i kinda gave a little tree yelp,sounded kinda like a squeaky screen door hinge (you know the type) and then the old tom sounded off ..he gave me a couple more gobbles and i figured he was interested so i gave a series of yelps and closed with a couple cutts..nothing...i waited to see if he would gobble again but no,,so i cut loose with another series of yelps and then closed again with a few cuts ,only this time i turnd the volume up on my cutts and then i heard not a gobble but a peed of hen..she started giving me these loud ,raspy yelps,and cutts and man i just done my best to sound same as her,,she did it again ,more yelps,cutts,this time cackles and she turned up the volume this time ,well i layed it right back on her and i don't know what she was saying but she did'nt like it being said to her and then i saw something i never seen b4,,that hen was running up through that saddle and up on the ridge ,and yep.the ole gobbler was right behind her but she was'nt waitin' on him,she was gonna kick some tailfeathers of that lady hen on the logging road(me),so i just sunk down into the base of the tree as low as i could goans then i saw a head coming up the ridge through the saplings ,as i strained my eye to see which it was ,i saw it was the hen and man she was lookin' all over the place in a rapid head ,side to side motion,she really wanted to kick butt,so here she came closer,then closer ,then closer and as i watched her i had to watch for ole tom,she's gettin' closer,closer ,man she is 2 foot from me and i'm trying to be still as a church mouse and watching for the gobbler ,while watching her at my side and finally here he came right up the ridge just like the hen he topped the ridge onto the flat,he goes into full strut and the hen passing me by about 3 foot to my right and he dropped his tailfeathers ..BANG goes the gun.flop-flop goes the gobbler and man that hen went 5 feet straight up into the air and from there i don't know where she went..i bet she was glad she did'nt find that other hen cause she took the gobblers head off //hahahaha but yes,once a hen calls back at your calls ,just give it back to her and you will make her come see who's runnin' their mouth(beak) on her bringin' the gobbler in tow..sorry about the long read but i loved that hunt


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