T&TH Out of Business!

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Re: T&TH Out of Business!

Postby Fan Club » March 19th, 2013, 5:55 pm

Wow, what SAD news!

I have every issue from the last 10 years, even when I let my subscription lapse I bought it from the news stand. This is going to leave a huge void in the turkey hunting information loop.

I've been on this forum since it's inception and am one of the charter Pro Staff members. I'll have to go process this...
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Re: T&TH Out of Business!

Postby putt » March 26th, 2013, 9:18 am

Really disappointed to read this news. I looked forward to every issue. My thanks & good wishes to the staff.

Now I'm glad that I've resisted my wife's effort to purge my stacks of old T&TH magazines. I'll have to start over rereading those.

I'm in the middle of a 3 year subscription. I'll take a look at the first replacement D&DH issue, but if it hadn't added a substantial turkey hunting section, I will cancel that.

It is certainly good news that the plans are to continue this forum.

Again, thank you to the T&TH staff for some great work. It helped me become a turkey hunting lover when I discovered the magazine in my first season of turkey hunting.


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