Winter 2010 Spencer Journal

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Winter 2010 Spencer Journal

Postby firelt72 » October 19th, 2010, 5:03 am

I just finished the Jim Spencer article 2010: Tales of Triumph and Woe. All I can say is wow! I actually don't feel so bad now. After reliving my mistakes this past spring 1000 times it is nice to see an expert actually open up and show us the facts of hunting. We are programed by all the latest and greatest gear and DVD's how to walk in the woods call a few times, pull the trigger and head back to the porch to plan the next hunt. In real life we have to get up every day trudge to our "honey hole", public land and work our tails off sometimes to just hear a bird...let alone shoot one. Other years it is literally a walk in the park. 
I know I messed up 5 or 6 birds- 3 in one day and had a shot form my hunting land off property at 40 yds I could have taken, but those ethics anyway. I say that to say this, thank you T&TH for the truth of how turkey hunting is. This maddening disease that effects us all; Turkey one day and feathers the next as Jim would say. God Bless and be safe!
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RE: Winter 2010 Spencer Journal

Postby PALongspur » October 22nd, 2010, 3:27 pm

As usual, Spencer delivers a fantastic play-by-play of an average Joe's turkey season. I'm ecstatic to see he's releasing a new book!

My season started with a bang. After battling him for three hours, I hammered a big public land bird on the season opener. That was the first and last turkey head I got to stand on this spring, although I did get to watch some buddies kill some. There were also a few missed oppurtunities, and a few days that just left me scratching my head.


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RE: Winter 2010 Spencer Journal

Postby longbeard.386 » December 22nd, 2010, 1:02 pm

I suggest you get hold of a copy of Jim Spencer's book, Bad Birds. There are lots of his "stories" all under one title. I've really enjoyed my copy.
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