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Sneak Peek: New Turkey Hunting Calls for 2018

New turkey box calls 2018

The Lil’ Hook Up is the latest box call in Primos’ Hook Up line. An ultra-strong magnet holds the paddle at the precise angle to automatically apply the correct amount of pressure for optimal box-call sounds, including crisp cutts, smooth purrs and variable-range yelps. The call is compact and perfect for carrying in a turkey vest, and the detachable paddle allows the call to be carried quietly. With a $28.95 MSRP, you simply can’t go wrong. Visit www.Primos.com for more information.

by Darron McDougal

Turkey hunters are only as good as the calls they use to produce those sounds that drive tom turkeys crazy. Here are some super-sweet models for your 2018 spring season.

Sweet Suzie Snood

New pot peg turkey calls 2018The Sweet Suzie Snood from Hunters Specialties is a compact pot call with a frosted glass-over-glass surface.

It produces high-pitched hen calls that drive gobblers wild, with ample volume to reach out to long distances or cut through windy conditions.

A rougher pad is included with the pot and striker, all for the low MSRP of $9.99. Visit www.HunterSpec.com for more information.






Zink Calls Z-PAK

New turkey hunting mouth calls 2018Each Zink mouth call is hand stretched and built by champion turkey caller and hunter Josh Grossenbacher. The Z-PAK Combo includes three exceptional Z-Series mouth calls — Z-Yelper, Z-Cutter and Z-Combo.

These three calls produce a range of pitches and sounds from clear to raspy and everything between. This combo pack arms you with everything needed to make irresistible calls, including a Turkey Time University instructional DVD.

The Z-PAK’s MSRP is $20. Visit www.ZinkCalls.com for more information.





Flextone Magnum Thunder Gobble

New gobble calls turkey hunting 2018Tick off gobblers with the Magnum Thunder Gobble from Flextone. This call is perfect for locating and then challenging dominant gobblers, especially those courting hens.

It’s easy to use and can be mastered in just minutes. The Magnum Thunder Gobble produces loud, mature-sounding gobbles that carry great distances. The call features beautiful turkey-feather detail for an unmatched appearance.

It includes a neck lanyard and sells for $17.99 MSRP. Visit www.FlextoneGameCalls.com for more information.




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