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Encourage Turkeys to Roost on Your Land

Using a few habitat adjustments, you can influence where turkeys will roost — and where you should be first thing in the morning. (Photo: Gettyimages.com)

How to Encourage Roosting

By Tom Carpenter

You can plant food plots and escape cover to attract deer. But how can you encourage turkeys to roost where you hunt? Given the right trees, put these concepts to work.

Mow a swath through tall grass or other cover, providing turkeys an easy path to a potential roosting area.

Clear undergrowth in the roosting tree area for easy launching and safe landing.

Trim lower branches (below 30 feet) from potential roosting trees, so turkeys feel safer.

Plant a food plot nearby with preferred springtime turkey forage such as alfalfa, clover or chufa; leave corn from the past fall.

Avoid hunting evenings, which can spook birds away for good.

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