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2018 NWTF Convention Watch: Top Turkey Calls

Calling All Turkeys

Because it’s not you, it’s your equipment, right? And what could be more important than those diaphragm, pot and stick and box calls that turn tom turkeys into emotional wrecks. Make sure you have just the right selection and variety of calls when you take to the field this spring. Here are four excellent must-haves to get you started, featured at this year’s NWTF Convention in Nashville.

Primos Drag Strip.

Primos Drag Strip Turkey Call

The Primos Drag Strip is a modern version of an old school traditional call. The Drag Strip is made of CNC milled exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate. The design, with a built-in sound board and sound ports, fits perfectly in your hand to produce smooth yelps, purrs, clucks and cuts. It’s all topped off with laser engraving and a one piece CNC turned striker. With the Drag Strip in your hands, you’re ready to head to the woods.


  • Resurrected traditional design
  • Exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate
  • CNC milled
  • Laser engraved
  • One-piece laminated striker

Visit: www.Primos.com

Flextone Lil’ Nasty.

Flextone Diaphragm Calls

Fit isn’t something most hunters take into consideration when they pull a mouth call off the rack at the sporting goods store. For the most part, these highly popular turkey calls fall into the one size fits most category. Too bad, because not all turkey hunters have the same size palate. Fortunately, the ace call designers at Flextone have come up with a line of calls that provide a better fit for smaller mouths and narrower palates. Of course, they sound great, too. The Flextone Lil’ Nasty and the all-new Lil’ Double and Lil’ V are custom crafted for hunters who are tired of stuffing a full-sized diaphragm into their mouths when there isn’t room for one. These new undersized diaphragm calls feature the same traditional cuts and reed configurations found in full-frame calls, but offer a more streamlined profile and compact design. Easy to blow, these calls are perfect for women, youths or any turkey hunter with a smaller palate. Info: www.FlextoneGameCalls.com

HS Strut Custom Craft Box Call.

HS Strut Custom Craft Box Call

Some turkey hunters will take any call they can get their hands on into the woods. Others however, take great pride in their calls and take care of them like a piece of furniture or a family heirloom. As the trusted name in turkey hunting for several decades, the team at HS Strut wanted to create a box call made from the highest quality wood; a call that hunters will pass down for generations.

As an addition to the Custom Craft Series of Glass, Aluminum and Slate pan calls, the new Custom Craft Box Call from HS Strut has the look, feel and sound of a custom-made call from back in the day. A natural Walnut wood base, paddle and box ends with poplar sides gives this call an extremely rich sound in the turkey woods. The base and all four walls of the box section are constructed of separate pieces of wood, which give this call the sound quality of a custom-crafted box call. A crafted finish to this call truly makes it fit in with some of the finest pieces of furniture available. Between the two-side playability (the paddle can be removed and played from either end of the call for user preference) and the richness of the call tones resonating off the wood, the Custom Craft Box Call just might become the new favorite call for turkey hunters this year.

Visit: www.HunterSpec.com

Zink Wicked Box.

Zink Wicked Box

Born from a partnership between Zink Calls and NWTF Grand National Champion custom call maker Marlin Watkins, the new Wicked Box is a versatile traditional-style box call constructed from poplar and extremely dense bloodwood. Made with Zink passion and Marlin’s tricks that “put the turkey in the call,” the new Wicked Box is the ultimate traditional-style box call. The natural turkey sounds that come out of the Wicked Box are astonishing. From soft calling to loud locating — and everything in between — the Wicked Box gets it done with unmatched realism … times two: Its double-sided design produces different tones to emulate multiple hens.

Visit: www.ZinkCalls.com



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