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Decision Time: The Gap Gobbler

In Decision Time, Editor Brian Lovett will share a scenario from his 20+ years hunting turkeys. Each hinges on a critical decision. Read the scenario, head to the forum and post what choice you would have made. Then see how things actually turned out.

The Gap Gobbler

The second Mike Miller stopped the truck, a distant gobble rang out. We were in business.

“He’s in the wide open,” Miller said. “We’re gonna have to crawl to get into position.”

So we did. Miller led the way across the Missouri countryside, while friend Roger Hook and I followed closely behind.

After 200 yards, we were at a fence line about 80 steps of the hard-gobbling turkey. However, there was nothing but a CRP field between us and the gobbler.

“We’ll have to try him here,” Miller said.

Miller, Hook and I started calling, but the bird wouldn’t budge. Then we poured the coals to our yelping. The bird stayed put.

Finally, we shut up for 20 minutes. Still, the bird held fast, gobbling all the while.

Searching desperately for solutions, I spied a small knoll along the fence line to our left. If we could bridge the gap, we might be in better position to work the turkey. However, the bird would only have to take a few steps forward to bust us in the open field.

It was a classic case of patience vs. aggressiveness, and the wrong choice would end the hunt abruptly.

What would you have done? Click here to post your choice on the forum.

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