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What’s the Best Shot When Using a Rifle?

I’ll be using a rifle for fall turkey hunting. Where is the best spot to aim for a one-shot kill? — Jan Bedont

Jan, we asked Walt Hampton, a gunsmith, outdoors writer, gun writer and all-around expert on shooting anything. Here’s his response:

“The best shot is the head. If you don’t think you can do that, center the neck where the feathers stop. This works for any angle — front, back, etc.
“I’ve killed a few with a broadside shot right at the top of the drumsticks. Doesn’t touch the breast, and they can’t run or fly with their butts shot off.
“Face on, on gobblers, center of the body two inches above where the beard disappears into the feathers. This is above the breast bone and will take out the spine.
“My favorite turkey rifle is a little low-wall my son Wade built for me. It’s chambered for .357 Magnum, but I shoot squirrels and turkeys with mid-range 148-grain wad-cutters.  Or, as we call them, “waddle-cutters.”

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