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How Should I Choose a Turkey Taxidermist?

I’ve always wanted to get a gobbler mounted, but I’ve seen some horrible turkey taxidermy work and am a bit hesitant to make the leap. Any advice? — Rod Whitcomb, Savannah, Ga.

Here’s some wisdom from turkey specialist Jim Kindig, who operates All Seasons Taxidermy in Marion, Iowa: “Scout out a taxidermist like you would a gobbler,” he said. “If you have a taxidermist picked out before you go into the woods, it takes all the doubt and anxiety away.”

Kindig recommends asking these questions: Do you like to mount turkeys? How many turkeys do you do per year? Do you have any turkeys on display where I could view them? How long will it take to mount my turkey (nine months to a year is reasonable)? What do you charge? Do you do dioramas or other custom work? Do you carry business insurance?

Of course, Kindig suggested that you visit a taxidermist’s shop to view his work.

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