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How Many Different Roosts Does a Group of Turkeys Frequent?

roostpixHow many different roosts does a group of turkeys frequent? — Roy Armstrong

That depends on the habitat in which they live. In vast open areas, such as parts of Nebraska or some Texas ranches, birds might return to the same roost trees every night simply because that’s the only viable roosting area. But in areas with abundant roost trees — national forest land in Missouri or a sprawling Florida swamp — birds can roost almost anywhere.

Even in regions with lot so roost trees, turkeys still tend to show preferences for some areas over others. Often, depending on the time of year or stage of the breeding season, that hinges on proximity to food or nesting cover. Weather can also be a factor, as birds often roost at lower elevations when the wind is howling or seek sheltering trees, such as large pines, in rain or snow.

The best way to answer this question in your area is to get out and roost birds at twilight. Wait till fly-up time, and then owl-hoot, fly-up cackle or even coyote howl to provoke shock-gobbles from turkeys. After you do this several times, you’ll probably start seeing patterns. And when turkeys start to display patterns, they’re telling you how to kill them.

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