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How Do You Stay Positive and Ready When Turkey Hunting Gets Tough?

SdakI love turkey hunting, but as you know, it gets tough sometimes. I have no trouble staying motivated, but my buddies get discouraged sometimes and quit. What should I tell them? — Joe Galloway, Peoria, Ill.

Here’s an excerpt from something I wrote a few years ago. Hope it helps. — Brian Lovett

Turkeys are turkeys. They’re always tough, which is why turkey hunting is so challenging yet rewarding. No matter how difficult they seem, turkeys critters that are programmed to eat, breed and interact with others of their kind. Further, they have relatively small home ranges, so you can consistently make contact with them in the same general areas.

Even gobblers that have endured heavy hunting pressure — the toughest turkeys — are still susceptible to calling and good setups. They just won’t put themselves in position to get killed as often or eagerly as, say, an unhunted Nebraska Merriam’s or southern Texas Rio Grande.

Sure, you can’t kill every turkey simply by hunting hard and keeping an open mind. To find success, the circumstances must be right, and events have to fall into place. Turkeys are so random in their movements and mood wings that you can almost never count on certainties.

However, you must be ready to accept the gift when it’s given. That could happen opening day or the final day of a month-long season. It could come at first light or noon after a tough morning of hunting.

Hunt every day to the fullest, using solid, proven tactics. Use all your skills, knowing that even the toughest turkey will be ready to die at some point.

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