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How Can We Double Up for Turkey Calling This Year?

parrish and stoltz

Two-man calling is highly effective.

My buddies and I like to hunt together, but we always argue about who will call. What are some good methods for calling with a partner? — Mike Manor, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Most turkey hunters have called with a partner, and why not? Team-calling is a great tactic. Try some of these double-teaming methods, courtesy of world-champion caller Steve Stoltz, of Knight & Hale Game Calls.

✔ Float-calling: The caller sets up behind the shooter but moves as he calls. If a bird hangs up, the caller can walk away, yelping and clucking as he goes, to give the impression a hen is leaving. If a gobbler drifts to the right, the caller can slip to the left, pulling the bird back on course with the shooter.

✔ Mimic a flock: Gobblers often hone in on a specific sound or pitch in calling, so it’s never a bad idea to have two callers imitate a group of hens. One hunter might yelp and cutt on a box call as the other clucks and purrs on a slate. You never know which sound will fire up a longbeard.

✔ Start a fight: If all your other calling tactics have failed, try imitating a turkey fight as a last resort. One hunter can purr aggressively and slap his hat against a tree to mimic flapping wings, and the other might yelp and cutt excitedly. Turkeys have a strong social curiosity and will often run in to check out a fight.

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