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Do I Need Special Broadheads for Turkey Hunting?

I want to start bow-hunting for turkeys, but I’m uncertain about my equipment. Do I need specific broadheads for turkeys, or can I get by with the ones I use for deer hunting? — Wayne Ready, Dothan, Ala.

You can pretty much use your whitetail setup. Here’s what archery expert Bob Robb had to say in the 2011 Turkey Hunters’ Equipment Guide.

“Broadhead weight is not important, except in terms of how it affects the accuracy of your bow. Accurate arrow flight and razor-sharp blades are what’s important.

“Replaceable-blade and mechanical broadheads … work well. … Some bow-hunters like to put a stopper behind their broadhead to inhibit penetration. They believe that if the arrow shaft stays in the bird, it will transfer 100 percent of its shocking power to the turkey, and with the shaft still in the body cavity, it will be much more difficult for the turkey to flop or fly off before you can recover it.”

– Brian Lovett, T&TH editor

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