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Turkey Gear Spring 2010

Knight & Hale’s Ultimate Fighting PurrKnight & Hale’s Ultimate Fighting Purr is a complete fighting purr system in one user-friendly unit. You can hold the call in one hand and run it with the other or place it on the ground for one-handed operation. To operate the call, rotate the striker plates back and forth in proper fighting rhythm to create realistic fighting sounds. Create higher pitch by applying slight pressure. Contact Knight & Hale at (479) 782-8971 or www.knightandhale.com.

The Turkey Tool multi-toolThe Turkey Tool multi-tool combines the most essential tools and gear needed for a successful turkey hunt. It features a carry hook, gun-pin punch, brush/game saw, drop-point knife, .410- to 10-gauge choke tool and a 12-inch beard/spur ruler in 1/8-inch increments. The tool also comes with a Tom Toter Sheath, which keeps the Turkey Tool on your belt, and also converts to a blaze-orange strap that can be attached to a turkey’s legs, hooked to the tool’s rubber grip frame and thrown over your shoulders to help tote out a gobbler. Contact Avid Design at www.turkeytool.com.


Nikon’s new TurkeyPro shotgun scopeNikon’s new TurkeyPro shotgun scope is the first to offer a removable anti-reflective device. The 1.65-5x36mm scope also features the new BTR reticle, which is designed to work as a ranging tool and aiming device. The BTR’s circle-within-a-circle construction lets you use convergence to know when a turkey steps into range. Place the small circle, on low power, or the large circle, on high power, to cover or subtend the turkey from head to wattles at 40 yards. The center circle acts as the aiming point and lets you see the exact target spot, even on low power. The scope has five inches of eye relief and is available in matte black, Realtree APG or Mossy Oak Break Up. Contact Nikon Sport Optics at (800) 645-6687 or www.nikonhunting.com.

The GutWrench bird-gutting toolThe GutWrench bird-gutting tool eliminates bloody hands and makes it quick and easy to gut your turkey in the field. Insert the device through the bird’s vent, push it fully into the cavity, give it a complete turn, and then pull to remove the offal. The GutWrench is lightweight and fits easily into a backpack. It comes in four sizes: duck, goose, pheasant and turkey. Contact GutWrench Hunting at www.gutwrenchhunting.com


The new Squealing Hen Call from Hunter’s Specialties reproduces the sound a hen makes during breeding, triggering a frenzied response from gobblers. The Squealing Hen was developed by H.S. pro-staffer Eddie Salter, whose family raised turkeys when he was a child. He often heard hens make the squealing sound during breeding. Simply blow into the call while depressing the lever, which puts pressure on the internal Infinity Latex reed and produces the high-pitched breeding sound. Contact Hunter’s Specialties at (319) 395-0321 or www.hunterspec.com.


The Remote Struttin’ 360 Decoy StandThe Remote Struttin’ 360 Decoy Stand from R.J. Dunkin Co. adds life to your decoy by rotating it 360 degrees via a wireless remote. The Remote Struttin’ 360 is light and sets up or takes down in seconds. It’s water-tight and compatible with all major decoy brands. The remote has a range of up to 120 feet. Contact R.J. Dunkin Co. at (205) 405-7223 or www.rjdunkin.com.


April 2010 issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine.This article appeared in the April 2010 issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting. To load up on a subscription, click here.


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