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New Gear March 2009

The Carbonator Blind from Ameristep features a carbon-enhanced, scent-blocking laminated interior. It also features a heavy-duty hub-style design for durable, fast and easy setup. Cutting edge NS3 Micro-Tech fabric creates a comfortable and quiet hunting experience by eliminating shine and all excess noise with its dull fleece finish. The blind will not fade and will last longer thanks to a UV-protected micro-fiber shell. The blind measures 74 inches hub-to-hub, and weighs just 20 pounds. Contact Ameristep at (810) 686-4035, or visit www.ameristep.com.

The Sportsman 850 EFI XP from Polaris is powered by a new 850 twin EFI engine. It features an upgraded suspension with dual A-arm front suspension and rolled IRS in the rear, higher suspension travel and more ground clearance. It also offers anti-kickback steering to decrease rider fatigue, along with electronic power steering. Contact Polaris at (800) 765-2747 or www.polarisindustries.com.

Leupold’s first-ever open-bridge line of binoculars, the Green Ring Mojave, is available in 8x42mm and 10x42mm models. The Mojave’s open-bridge design drastically reduces the binoculars’ weight to a mere 23 ounces. The design also improves the ergonomics of the binoculars, making them comfortable and easy to hold during extended use. Mojave binoculars also feature multi-coated optics for a bright sight picture with the contrast and color fidelity needed to make positive identifications. Additionally, the silver-enhanced, cold-mirror coatings provide exceptional performance in low-light situations. Contact Leupold at (800)-538-7653, or visit www.leupold.com.

Flambeau Outdoors’ new Wobble Gobble Motion Turkey Decoy (right) sits on a stake and moves with the wind, simulating the motion made by a walking turkey. The system comes with a Feather Flex hen or Aggressive Jake decoy, which can be mounted to a polyethylene base. Heavy monofilament attaches to a two-sided winding handle and can be attached to five positions on the base, altering the motion. Contact Flambeau Outdoors at (800) 457-5252, or visit www.flambeauoutdoors.com.

Zeiss Optics introduces the Victory 8×26 T* PRF premium monocular with digital laser range-finder, LED display and integrated Ballistic Information System. Lightweight and easy to use, the unit provides ranging from 10 to 1,300 yards with  accuracy of plus or minus 1 yard at ranges up to 600 yards and plus or minus 0.5 percent at ranges beyond 600 yards. Its Ballistic Information System determines holdover for any shot and can be set for 100- or 200-yard sight-in distances. The 8X magnification, combined with Zeiss’ advanced technology, help hunters observe and range smaller objects at great distances. The range-finder can be set to yards or meters and can also be operated in a scan mode for fast measurements on small or moving targets. Contact Zeiss at www.zeiss.com/sports.

Hycreek’s Sportsman Pro Package is a nine-piece, high-tech layering system that allows for the exertion of hiking and the chill that accompanies sitting. Plus, the new camo pattern has a revolutionary look. Each layer is designed to complement the next garment. Plus, the factory direct price is less than half of retail store prices. Contact Hycreek at (866) 459-4440, or visit www.hycreek.com.

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